Is The Walking Dead's Enid Connected To The Wolves? Scott Gimple Drops A Clue

Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV show and comics below.

For comic fans, part of what makes The Walking Dead interesting is seeing what gets brought over the from Robert Kirkman’s original take, and how the stories are changed up. Showrunner Scott Gimple was recently asked about a fan theory positing Enid taking the place of Comic Sophia as a surrogate child for Glenn and Maggie, and his answer seemed to point her in a much different narrative direction.

I can neither confirm nor deny that but I will say we've had a pretty good look at her forehead and that should say something to people.

Whaaaat? If we’re basically assuming that the Sophia theory is bunk, that answer could mean two things, and they’re both related to the Wolves. Enid actually being one of the deadly outsiders was another fan theory floating around after one episode gave her flashback scenes and saw her leaving Alexandria just as the Wolves were attacking. The timing seemed suspicious, and her being a turtle-eating Wolf mole – no doubt a future band name – would give the whole “Wolves Not Far” graffiti some relevance.

But maybe what Gimple is saying isn’t that she’s one of the Wolves, but that she’ll be a future victim of them. Or if not “them,” then that one guy who took Denise hostage. The group carved “W”s onto the foreheads of walkers all around Alexandria, both rotting ones and fresh ones and presumed victims. Maybe Enid will be on the receiving end of a carving rather than just getting the signature letter schmeared on her forehead in solidarity.

If there is some other possible way for her forehead to get tied into another part of this show, then I can’t think of it. Unless they stumble across a plastic surgeon out in the wilderness, and he gives her a facelift. But that’s in the “probably won’t happen” pile.

Of course, it’s also possible that Enid’s involvement with the Wolves, whether by favorable association or a doomed one, could be coupled with her taking on a few moments from Sophia’s story in the comics. On the page, Carol is dead and not Sophia, and her entrance into Maggie and Glenn’s lives makes them one of the series’ strongest familial elements. I can’t really see Enid being the perfect daughter material, especially as Maggie will be dealing with her own pregnancy, but maybe she’ll do it for a while in order to screw them over later.

Gimple did tell THR that there will be “very big comic moments” and “really tiny comic moments” coming to the rest of Season 6, and while Negan is obviously one of those big ones, perhaps Enid’s story factors into the tiny stuff. We’ll certainly find out when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 14.

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