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Netflix has had a pretty good run of creating great original shows on its streaming platform, but will that skill translate to print? Those curious won't have to wonder much longer as the streaming giant just dropped its first trailer for its upcoming comic book series The Magic Order, and it's absolutely jam-packed with interesting images as well as an intriguing sounding story:

Magicians, murder, and mystery, what's not to love? The images of The Magic Order literally come to life in the trailer, not unlike the motion comics Marvel used to have on the platform years ago. The 6 issue series certainly looks a fair bit darker than a Superman adventure, so parents should be warned this comic is almost definitely not for young children. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though Netflix has any plans for subscribers to binge their comic on the platform, as the end of the trailer noted the series' first issue will appear in comic shops Wednesday, June 13.

The Magic Order is about five magical families sworn to protect the world from monsters and other supernatural entities on the hunt after members of their family are murdered. The story hails from legendary comic book writer Mark Millar. Millar, who has found acclaim working for established heroes as well as his own original characters, is joined by notable French artist Olivier Coipel. Both men certainly have the skill to create an entertaining comic, and judging from the brief panels shown in the above trailer, it appears they've succeeded.

Netflix's move into the realm of comics may be confusing to some, although its acquisition of Mark Millar for The Magic Order would appear they have something larger at play than a comic book series. Millar's works, which include Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Kingsman: The Secret Service seem to have a knack for adaptations. Netflix has already made it clear they intend to adapt Millar's work into a television series or film, so they might as well let the famed comic book writer do what he does best and leave the adaptation for down the road. It's certainly a different tactic than purchasing a comic book franchise and then adapting it, although Netflix surely will appreciate retaining a portion of the rights to the franchise and having its own original lineup of comic heroes that aren't tied to DC or Marvel that they can create merchandise for.

As seen in the trailer, The Magic Order hits comic book store shelves Wednesday, June 13. For a look at what shows Netflix has coming out around that time, be sure to visit our Netflix premiere guide. For a look at what's coming up on television in general over the next couple of months, visit our summer premiere guide.