Watch Kevin Love, Draymond Green And More NBA Stars Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel

The NBA Finals have officially kicked off, pitting the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors for the fourth time in four years. Naturally, the beginning of the NBA Finals means time for Jimmy Kimmel to assemble a group of the best and brightest of NBA history to sit down and read mean things that have been tweeted about them. Check out the special 2018 NBA Edition of Mean Tweets!

Jimmy Kimmel pulled together a variety of names from the NBA, ranging from active players to retired stars to even commentators who have left/were never part of playing the game. There's no discrimination in Mean Tweets, as Kimmel sat down a Cavalier, a Warrior, and a whole bunch of others. Warrior Draymond Green had his jump shot AND his face insulted via tweet, but he gamely turned it around to say that he has a "damn good-looking jump shot."

Cavalier Kevin Love probably wishes that Draymond Green's jump shot was a little uglier as he faces off against the Warriors, and his Mean Tweet probably didn't make him feel better. Of course, Love didn't look heartbroken at his tweet, which makes sense. The twitter user simply referred to Kevin Love as "old faithful" when it comes to being to blame for something. Green probably hopes that he won't be able to blame Love for a Warriors loss in the Finals.

Mean Tweets also insulted plenty of other NBA stars. Personally, I may never be able to look at Jalen Rose again without wondering if he really does look like he has Lego hair, and I really can't unsee the resemblance between Tracy McGrady and Steve Urkel. That said, McGrady looks much more like Stefan Urquelle than Steve Urkel, so he has that going for him! Ben Simmons' reading a tweet about having "the most boring voice" in a perfect monotone is certainly worth a laugh. The tweet at Glenn Robinson's expense wasn't even creative.

All of this said, my favorite may have been Kobe Bryant back again reading the tweet accusing him of looking like somebody who cries to Seal's "Kiss from a Rose." The tweeter gets points for creativity, and Bryant gets points for starting to sing the song. Notably, he did not cry.

The NBA Finals will continue to air on ABC for as long as the Cavs or Warriors can hold out against the other team. You can catch Jimmy Kimmel and more of his Mean Tweets on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC with new installments of Jimmy Kimmel Live! For more viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, check out our summer TV premiere schedule. If you're more in the mood for some streaming television, our 2018 Netflix premiere guide and 2018 Amazon Prime rundown can help you narrow down what to watch.

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