That Time Claire Danes Read Bad Homeland Reviews While In Labor

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Claire Danes will never forget what she was doing when she was in labor with her first child. In a striking bit of serendipity, the night she went into labor was the same night a season finale of Homeland aired. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Danes revealed what happened when she read bad reviews of the season ender, saying:

It started to really kind of come on throughout the night... I couldn't get to sleep because I was in, I guess, acute pain... Three in the morning when you're looking for feedback, what you mean is, 'Who hates me and how much?' So, it didn't take long for me to find the worst possible reviews available on the Internet. It kind of occurred to me, 'Oh, I think I'm in labor. I think this is happening. And I'm reading bad reviews. I don't think it gets more masochistic than that. So, I put the phone down.

Talk about bad timing. Imagine experiencing excruciating pain while reading bad reviews about the show you have put a great deal of time and energy into helping create. There is really no other way to describe that kind of experience than to say it bites. Thankfully for Claire Danes, who is currently expecting her second child, she does not have to worry about reading bad reviews of another Homeland finale when she welcomes baby number 2.

The series ended its seventh season at the end of April, and Season 8 will premiere well after she has her second child. Claire Danes has said that Season 8 will be the final season of the series, which is news the creator of the series has echoed. Whether the show will continue without them remains to be seen.

Claire Danes could not recall exactly which of the show's season finales she was reading about when she was telling the story to Jimmy Kimmel, but we can solve this mystery. Per People, Danes and her husband, Hugh Dancy, welcomed their first child on December 17, 2012.

While many of the early seasons of Homeland aired their finales in December, the Season 2 finale aired on December 16, 2012, making it the only one it could have been. As fans will remember, that season concluded with Danes' Carrie on a quest to clear Brody's name.

Claire Danes may be one of the best late-night guests of all-time. Her animated storytelling abilities are remarkable. It kind of makes you hope that she will utilize her innate comedy skills to pursue something more light-hearted in tone once her time on Homeland ends.

In case you were wondering, Claire Danes' Jimmy Kimmel interview is not the first time the actress has opened about pregnancy and Homeland, having hidden the news of baby #2 from her co-stars. Her bad review revelation is also not the only pregnancy-related story she shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Danes also shared a hilarious story about how her second pregnancy has been going. You can see her talk about that and reading the bad Homeland reviews in the clip below:

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