Scandal's Tony Goldwyn Is Heading To Netflix For His Next Big Show

Tony Goldwyn Scandal
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Scandal fave Tony Goldwyn has boarded his next television series, and it's going to be totally different than the ABC drama. Goldwyn has boarded the supernatural drama Chambers. To understand the full context of the role Goldwyn is playing in the Netflix series, it is important to tackle the heart of the show's premise. Without it, understanding Goldwyn's role is next to impossible to do. So let's get started.

Chambers chronicles a young woman, who is a heart transplant recipient. Curious to solve the mystery surrounding her donor's sudden death, she begins investigating. The thing is, the deeper she digs, the more she begins taking on the personality characteristics of the donor, Becky. Tony Goldwyn will star as the father of the deceased Becky. Unfortunately for the recipient of his daughter's heart, Becky's traits are sinister in nature.

Tony Goldwyn's character is described as being armed with charm and business skills that hide his mystical side, which "knows no bounds." Following his daughter's death, Goldwyn's Ben Lefevre has become further entrenched in the ominous-sounding Annex Foundation, a New Age spiritual center. Set to play the wife of Goldwyn's Ben is Uma Thurman. Thurman's Nancy will begin a reluctant relationship with her daughter's heart recipient. She then discovers her daughter may not be as dead as she once thought. So far, there is no insight into Ben and Nancy's relationship.

Chambers will be comprised of ten one-hour episodes and promises to be a binge-worthy endeavor. The series is a supernatural drama that hints at a possible murder mystery. Becky's sudden death suggests something more sinister, correct? The show sounds like it has great potential and if you are a fan of movies like 2009's underrated thriller Tell-Tale, then you probably agree.

Netflix has yet to announce who will be playing Becky or if we will actually see her on-screen. Whether Becky will have an on-screen presence is not entirely apparent, but flashbacks seem inevitable. The role of the unnamed heart transplant recipient has not been cast either.

For his part, Tony Goldwyn's character sounds slick and perhaps a bit magical. It also seems like a meaty role for Goldwyn to take on following his successful stint as Scandal's Fitz. No premiere date has been set for the series, so stay tuned. A safe bet would probably be next year.

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