What Shonda Rhimes' First Netflix Series Is Going To Be About

Shonda Rhimes
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Ever since Shonda Rhimes' deal with Netflix was announced last year, fans of the TV creator have been wondering what her first show would be about, and now they have their answer. Shondaland and Netflix have bought the rights to New York magazine's profile on arrestee Anna Delvey. Yes, Jessica Pressler's article is getting the adaptation treatment by Shonda Rhimes. Here is what you need to know.

No logline has been made available, but the details of Anna Delvey's story provide the likely bones of the story. Delvey, whose real last name is Sorokin, is the young woman who was charged with grand larceny, among other things, in 2017. She recently experienced a resurgence in notoriety, thanks to the New York magazine profile. While many articles have been written about Delvey, Shonda Rhimes and Netflix selected this recently popular take as the basis for the show, per TV Line, which confirmed the news.

Anna Sorokin is reported to have successfully posed as a German heiress, and allegedly convinced real reach people and banks to give her money to live the life of luxury her persona required. Sorokin/Delvey is currently being held in New York's notorious Rikers Island prison.

Like "Clark Rockefeller" before her, the story of the con-woman has continued to make headlines following her arrest. And, Shonda Rhimes' TV show should spare none of the juicy details. The New York magazine article features great insight by Anna Delvey confidant Neffatari Davis. With her hit series Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, fans have every reason to believe Rhimes will deliver all of the sordid and soapy moments in dramatic and binge-worthy fashion.

While we now know the subject of Shonda Rhimes' first Netflix show, we do not know much else, such as whether or not it will be a miniseries or multi-season show. But, the latter seems the most likely. Given that Netflix typically orders ten episode seasons, we can probably expect Rhimes' new show to follow suit. If it is a miniseries, though, that episode count could, theoretically, decrease.

We also do not have a title or a cast in place. Shonda Rhimes has created many successful shows for ABC, and her work on Netflix should find equal reception. She has certainly chosen a fascinating subject to begin with. There is no word on when Shonda Rhimes' new series will premiere, so stay tuned. We can bet that it is going to be worth the wait.

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