We're now past "Rocktober" and have fully moved into "Movember," the month-long spotlight on men's facial hair meant to raise awareness of male-specific health issues. I'm guessing fleece lovers are gearing up to make Fleecember a thing next month. But for now, it's all about the 'stache.

Here at Cinema Blend, we're tipping out hats and raising our straight blades to the 25 most masculine mustaches that have ever graced our television screens. As any man will tell you, it's not just about how big and thick it is -- Wilford Brimley would like to run counterpoint on that -- but it's also a combination of the performer and what they're representing. That should explain why Geraldo Rivera also isn't on here. To be expected, a lot of amazing mustaches didn't make the cut, but we hope you won't split hairs on the issue. Both puns fully intended.

25. Pornstache

Where You Know Him From: Orange is the New Black

George "Pornstache" Mendez, played by Pablo Schreiber, is the exact opposite of what one would want "masculinity" to stand for. He's mostly just a combination of all the negative attributes of manhood, such as his perverseness, his leery attitude and his all-around doucheness. The mustache was probably enough to get him a job as a corrections officer, but his attitude during the interview process definitely should have cost him the job.

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