How The Lucifer Cast Reacted To The Netflix Renewal

Lucifer fans rejoice! More than a month after the devilishly fun supernatural drama was cancelled by Fox, the show scored a renewal for Season 4 from Netflix. Details are still scarce about when the show will go into production at the streaming giant, who will be involved, and how it's going to look, but there's still a lot to celebrate for fans who have worn out their fingers tweeting to try and #SaveLucifer for the past several weeks. The Lucifer cast is celebrating as well, as they took to social media to share their joy. Take a look at their social media posts, starting with Tom Ellis on Twitter:

Star Tom Ellis was open from almost as soon as the cancellation news broke about the fact that he was hoping for a renewal. In fact, the immediate outpouring of love and support from fans when the news broke made him feel better about it. He admitted to doing a bit of moping in the days after he learned that his show had been cancelled, but he didn't give up hope that another network or platform could pick Lucifer. No wonder he's so relieved now!

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Leading lady Lauren German took to Instagram to share her reaction, which was overflowing with gratitude to fans and Netflix alike. There's no doubt that Lucifer wouldn't have scored the renewal if not for the impassioned efforts of fans to keep the show going, and German is clearly thankful to them as well as to Netflix for finally being the streaming service to order the fourth season.

Kevin Alejandro, who plays Detective Dan Espinoza, elected to use a devil emoji to celebrate the renewal and give a shoutout to fans. When Alejandro spoke with CinemaBlend shortly after the cancellation, he revealed that the cast was shocked by the outpouring of support from fans and hinted that there were people listening to fans' demands on social media. We now know that Netflix was listening especially hard!

Aimee Garcia shouted out to the fans via video on Twitter, and her reaction of "Holy shit, you guys, we did it!" is probably more or less what fans were saying to each other after the news broke. She was definitely relatable.

Lesley-Ann Brandt, a.k.a. Maze, managed to turn fighting "like a demon" into a compliment! It's clear already that "Lucifer on Netflix" sounds good to her and plenty of others.

D.B. Woodside -- best known on Lucifer as the angel Amenadiel -- had a brief message, sharing that he was convinced they'd be back somehow. He also busted out the emojis in celebration.

In a nice gesture, even an actress whose Lucifer character was killed off shared her congratulations. Tricia Helfer's Charlotte died in the penultimate episode of Season 3, and she seemed gone for good this time around. Helfer doesn't seem bitter that her character's time ended, and it sounds like she may even be one to tune in when Season 4 picks up.

The bad news is that viewers probably have a while to wait before Lucifer gets going on Netflix. The good news is that there are plenty of viewing options to tide everybody over in the meantime. Our 2018 Netflix guide can give you some streaming tips, and our summer TV premiere schedule can help you pick what to watch on broadcast.

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