Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner Talks What To Expect From The Final Season

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Game of Thrones fans everywhere are in Westeros withdrawal by this point. The show has been on hiatus since the Season 7 finale way back in August 2017, and there's no end to the hiatus in sight. Season 8 won't premiere until 2019, and HBO hasn't even announced a month when the final season will kick off. HBO is keeping as tight a lid as possible on spoilers, but actress Sophie Turner -- who recently debuted a Targaryen-esque hairdo -- has teased some of what to expect from the end of the saga. Even though she couldn't go into details that would spoil what's to come, she had some intriguing comments, saying this:

It really is so unpredictable the way that [the series] ends up. For me -- without giving anything away, I guess -- I was satisfied with how unpredictable the show's ending really is. People have come up with so many fan theories about how it's going to end, and who will end up where, and who will end up with who. It really is so unpredictable the way that it ends up. I'm very satisfied with that, and I think that the fans will be satisfied with that, too. Well, we hope. We'll see!

After seven years of twists, turns, deaths, hook-ups, and resurrections, fans have formulated plenty of theories about how the show is going to end, and some are positively wild. Others are theories that pretty much everybody agreed on, not the least of which was the idea that Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon. Sophie Turner's recent comments to Digital Spy seem to indicate that we shouldn't count on Game of Thrones ending on a note that fans have seen coming.

Sophie Turner didn't give away any details or tease any specific plots that will be especially unpredictable, but her words are enough to tip fans off that they should probably expect the unexpected. While this may point toward the series ending without Dany or Jon or one of the other most popular candidates sitting on the Iron Throne, it does open the door for my crackpot theory that the show ends with the surviving main players realizing that none of the horrible things that happened in the last two generations would have happened without a monarchy, and they therefore decide to give democracy a shot. Maybe the fact that nobody takes my theory seriously means that it fits the bill for Sophie Turner's "unpredictable" ending!

Unfortunately, we can't really do much more than speculate for the rest of hiatus, although there have been some spoilers about certain settings possibly getting destroyed, which would certainly set the stage for a grand finale that has to rebuild from the Westeros we knew at the beginning of the series. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's words about the twisted Cersei/Jaime relationship points toward more drama between the twins in Season 8, and we can only hope that the Starks survive the winter. Only time will tell.

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