Sophie Turner Has Dyed Her Hair Blonde, Looks Like Daenerys Targaryen

Sophie Turner is looking different these days. The Game of Thrones actress ditched her signature strawberry-colored hair for a new look, and she gave her followers a peek at her newest hairdo on social media yesterday. Turns out, the wavy blonde hair she's now sporting is making Sansa Stark look more like another Game of Thrones character: Daenerys Targaryen. Take a look at Sophie Turner's striking new haircut and hair color, below.

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Based on this stunning new photo, it's not entirely clear if Sophie Turner decided to go blonde solely because she wanted to divorce herself completely from the role she played for several seasons on Game of Thrones, or if she's rocking a new hair color for a new role. The caption -- which credits stylist Christian Wood for the look -- mentions "new beginnings," which suggests that Sophie Turner is simply looking to diverse herself from her most famous role now that she's finished playing the part. Kit Harington mentioned in a recent interview that he was also going to completely change his look at well once he finishes his obligations to Jon Snow in the currently-filming final season of the popular HBO series. At the moment, Sophie Turner is attached to the upcoming biopic Girl Who Fell From the Sky, which is expected to film this year, but it's not known if she needed to change her hair for that role.

Based on Christian Wood's statement to W, however, Sophie Turner's decision to change her hair was simply because it was the first time in a long time that she had the liberty to do so. It should also be noted that Sophie Turner is a natural blonde and that she actually dyed her hair red once a week for Game of Thrones. Based on this decision, however, she's not looking to pull an Emma Stone and keep the red locks for good. She's looking to go back to her, ahem, roots. Here's what Wood said.

She had the long hair for many years and this was the first time we could really cut it short.

The world is Sophie Turner's oyster at this point, so why not? If she wanted to go blonde, now's the perfect time to make that decision. Meanwhile, beyond her duties to the upcoming last season of Game of Thrones, Turner has more-than-a-few other projects coming down the pipeline shortly. Most notably, the English actress will soon be seen reprising her role as Jean Grey, a.k.a. Phoenix, in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which arrives in theaters on February 14th of next year. She also filmed a role in the comedy Time Freak, and she's also involved with the drama Heavy, both of which are expected to arrive later this year. Sophie Turner was also recently seen in the title role for Josie, which also saw her sporting blonde locks. So, this new blonde hairdo might not be a complete departure than what Turner's used to sporting. Nevertheless, Sansa Stark is in the past. Sophie Turner's here to stay.

Speaking of new beginnings, Sophie Turner is also currently engaged to Joe Jonas. Turner was also recently seen at Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding alongside Maisie Williams.

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