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Big Brother 20 Swaggy C

Following up on yesterday's nominations for the second eviction of the Big Brother summer, the Veto competition was played today and we now know who won it. This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who was nominated, who won the Veto and what the current plan is for Thursday's eviction.

Ok, you've been warned! Here's how things have shaken out so far in the house since Thursday night...

Head of Household





Won the Veto


Veto Used?

Not yet

Won the Crap App


Won the Power App


Tyler Big Brother 20 Veto

As we reported Friday, Kaitlyn put Scottie and Winston on the block with a plan to backdoor Swaggy. She's assured Scottie he's safe, and apparently accused Winston of being a doctor (possibly during her nomination speech). The app powers were distributed and based on what's been said, Rachel got the crap app and chose the "Yell!" punishment. The power app is still a mystery. Whoever has it isn't talking. I think there's a high chance Tyler got it. For one thing, if he did have it, he probably wouldn't tell anyone. And for another, he's gotten a ton of favorable screentime since the season began. Also, he's currently #2 behind Sam on Joker's Updates' Houseguest Ranking. We'll find out one way or the other on Sunday night.

Speaking of Tyler, he won the Veto! Yeah, if he's trying to play a low-key game, he's failing. And that may not go unnoticed by people in the house for long. But he's been playing a solid enough social game that hopefully this doesn't come back to bite him anytime soon.

From what was talked about after the competition, it sounds like this was a timed competition where each houseguest took a turn and then the best time won.

Not long after the feeds came back on, Tyler went to the HoH room to talk to Kaitlyn, who immediately admitted she's freaking out over the fallout that would occur if she put Swaggy up as a replacement nomination and he went home. She's afraid the rest of that alliance will turn on her. Tyler's response was to remind her that that group already doesn't trust her and has been spending as much time as they can in her HoH room because of that. Kaitlyn literally told Tyler he needs to keep reminding her of that so she can stay on course. So she seems content to let him convince her of what to do.

Meanwhile, when Fessy came into the HoH room, Kaitlyn told him she wants Scottie to come down and that she'll probably put Angela up as a replacement. That could actually be her backup plan if she decides she doesn't want to make waves by putting Swaggy up.

So, as of right now (Saturday night), it seems like she's still planning on putting Swaggy up as a replacement nominee. I think her hope is that Scottie will be taken down, though I'm not sure if Tyler plans on flipping that and taking Winston off the block. Either way, there's a lot of time between now and Monday when the Veto ceremony takes place.