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Arrow-verse fans have just a few short months of waiting before their favorite DC shows are back on television, which means production is at last getting underway for each returning series. As such, Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz recently hit up on social media to share photos with her cast mates to give the show's fans their first look at Season 4 in production.

Caity Lotz may have just proven that putting together a collaborative group photo, where everyone on the Legends of Tomorrow cast is ready and smiling, might be a harder task to pull off than stopping a time demon. As the show's team leader and chief photographer of this photoshoot, Lotz has to take a lion's share of the pose-ability blame here. A candid group shot like this rarely looks flattering for anyone already, and amusingly enough, Lotz twice managed to not even look at her camera even though she's taking the pics. Is that one of the lesser known side effects of being brought back by a Lazarus Pit?

There is one bit of weirdness with this Legends of Tomorrow photo that fans may have already noticed. No one is suited up in the photo, save Matt Ryan being ready to rock our mystical socks as John Constantine. Either that guy sleeps in a trenchcoat, or he's in the process of filming something for his character, with everyone else having less to do at that moment. Ryan appears to be the least attentive for Lotz's photo session in the pictures above, although he was the only other person ready when co-star Brandon Routh took his own photo.

Routh kept alive Caity Lotz's streak of "looking away from the lens" and somehow managed to lop half of his own face out of the frame. These pictures are so slapdash, it's understandable if some Legends of Tomorrow fans feel they've been scripted to feel as amateur night as the group was in Season 1, when they were all getting to know each other. At the same time, any group of actors who collaboratively decide to upload a series of bad photos to social media must be having a blast on set, which could mean good things for the set's vibe going into Season 4. Can any production on Earth involving Beebo possibly be anything less than amazing? I think not.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW for Season 4 on Monday, October 22, at 9 p.m. ET. That's still a good while to wait, so check out our superhero premiere guide in the meantime and watch some other hero shows to pass the time. For more on Legends of Tomorrow, read up on which actress is going to be spending a lot more time on set this season.Those who would rather save their superhero watching for the fall season can instead check out our summer premiere guide, which is stacked with all the big premieres over the next couple of months.

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