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The Flash And Arrow's Fall Premiere Dates And More Announced By The CW

Superhero TV doesn't get bigger or more explosive than The CW's Arrow-verse, which currently fills up just less than half of the network's entire fall premiere slate. Now that Supergirl has wrapped up its third season in some pretty surprising ways, The CW has released its detailed fall line-up, with premiere dates announced for The Flash, Arrow and the other Arrow-verse series, as well as longtime fave Supernatural, new series Legacies and all the rest. And you might just notice the network's new Sunday night entries as well.

Sunday, October 78 p.m. - iHeartRadio Music Festival Night One (Two-Hour Presentation)Monday, October 88 p.m. - iHeartRadio Music Festival Night Two (Two-Hour Presentation)Tuesday, October 98 p.m. - The Flash Season 59 p.m. - Black Lightning Season 2Wednesday, October 108 p.m. - Riverdale Season 39 p.m. - All-American Series PremiereThursday, October 118 p.m. - Supernatural Season 14Friday, October 128 p.m. - Dynasty Season 29 p.m. - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4Sunday, October 148 p.m. - Supergirl Season 49 p.m. - Charmed Series Premiere (Reboot)Monday, October 158 p.m. - Arrow Season 7Monday, October 229 p.m. - Legends of Tomorrow Season 4Thursday, October 259 p.m. - Legacies Series Premiere

Let's start off by continuing our Arrow-verse talk. Nora West-Allen and The Flash Season 5 get to kick off The CW's entire fall lineup on October 9, which is a pretty special privilege. (I'm obviously not counting the iHeartMusic festival as normal scripted programming.) And with Black Lightning following it up, Tuesday nights are the only nights of comic book programming that The CW is keeping the same for the new fall season. Plus, those are the only two superhero show premieres for that week, which is fairly interesting.

Some days later, Supergirl's changed-up cast is making the move from Monday nights to Sunday nights with its October 14 debut for Season 3. Arrow is flipping from Thursday nights to Monday nights when October 15 rolls around for Season 7. And Legends of Tomorrow is sticking to Monday nights with Season 4, but is being pushed back an hour to air after Arrow. So now, the entire Arrow-verse is contained within the Sunday-Tuesday primetime hours.

Meanwhile, The CW will be premiering three new shows when the fall rolls around. Perhaps the most highly anticipated of the bunch is Legacies, the vampires and werewolves-filled spinoff of The Originals. Another will be the network's latest headline-making reboot, with its Charmed update introducing a new generation of viewers to this trio of familial witches. And then paired with Riverdale is another series about high school students and their parents, All American, which was inspired by the life story of former NFL football player Spencer Paysinger.

As for the network's mainstays: The CW is keeping its acclaimed and criminally under-watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Friday nights, with Dynasty around to keep it company, and Riverdale and Supernatural are sticking with their familiar time slots. That should keep both shows' wildly vocal fanbases content. This schedule clearly implies that other returning CW shows like The 100 and iZombie are being held until midseason scheduling starts up.

Don't forget to cancel all your primetime plans for October 9-25 to be sure you can catch all of The CW's big fall premieres as they air live. While waiting for all that to start up, head to our summer premiere schedule to see what's on the way.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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