Taye Diggs' Family Nailed A Perfect 200 During Family Feud's Fast Money

Family Feud can be a fun and sometimes silly time for contestants, but the show's "Fast Money" round is an event so intense even viewers can start to sweat watching. Actor Taye Diggs and his family were certainly feeling the heat as they played to raise money for charity on Celebrity Family Feud, and luckily pulled through and netted a perfect 200 points to win some big bucks for a good cause:

Taye Diggs' brother Gabriel and sister Shalom ended up sealing the deal with an answer to spare right at the end of Celebrity Family Feud and won $25,000 for the FosterMore foundation. Gabriel gave his sister a very good start with his answers, although the big goose egg he received for his "flush the toilet" answer certainly ramped up the amount of tension as the round went down to the wire. Had Gabriel managed to think of something more suitable to say for that answer, he might have been in contention for one of the best Fast Money rounds of all time.

Family Feud fans may have been impressed with Gabriel Diggs' performance, although any fan of the game show knows the second person in the Fast Money round has the real weight on their shoulders. Shalom Diggs needed 87 points to win the round, and had she not kept cool under that pressure she may not have gotten it done. Shalom shouted out the answer that capped off that perfect 200 mere milliseconds before time expired, and had the judges not approved her answer, they may not have won the day. Of course, there's always the good chance she had an extra 4 or more points waiting for her in the "go to the bathroom" answer anyway, but pretending the whole thing hinged on that answer is far more entertaining.

The Diggs family's Fast Money victory came after a spirited Celebrity Family Feud in which the actor took on comedian and former Sabrina The Teenage Witch actress Caroline Rhea. Rhea and her family were playing for the Hopeland organization but ultimately couldn't outmatch the Diggs family in the battle of surveys. Taye Diggs didn't have much to say on social media regarding his hard-fought victory on the program, but Gabriel posted a photo of the family striking a pose for the camera when the game wasn't underway:

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