Family Feud Featured An All-Time Amazing Fast Money Round

Game show highlights whether they're good or bad are often a joy to watch, and this Family Feud moment is no exception. Fortunately for a recent contestant Karla and the Daly family, this highlight falls in the good category as the participant was part of an all-time amazing fast money round that had host Steve Harvey in awe:

As Steve Harvey mentioned at the end of the clip, Karla managed to answer the top response for all five categories in the fast money round of the show. The clutch responses netted Karla a total of 198 points and left her teammate Terri needing only 2 points to get the team an extra $20,000. Thankfully, Terri managed to get those two points, but only after making her family sweat a bit by receiving a whopping zero points for her first response.

Karla's guessing skills on Family Feud were insanely good, especially considering the answers she gave. Who would've thought that 100 married women surveyed would name the index finger over the middle and pinky fingers? Also, where were all these women getting surveyed that a good chunk would guess their husbands had a remote in their hands? We're not questioning the almighty surveying methods of Family Feud, of course, but merely pointing out just how odd it is Karla nailed down these answers that were far from obvious.

Karla certainly looks like the Family Feud fast money wizard in the video, but was it all luck? Another video on the game show's YouTube channel might confirm just that as it once again shows Karla and Terri attempting to get 200 points with their fast money guesses in the game prior. Karla didn't do as hot her second time in the fast money gauntlet, and actually ended up with fewer points than Terri, who gave the Daly family another good chance at taking home some big money before falling short:

Karla's run in the second video may be evidence that there's a little bit of luck involved when it comes to Family Feud's fast money rounds, and that no one can be a savant when it comes to what the survey says. Karla may not be a fast money machine, but at least she can say she was one of the few people to ever get all the first responses in a survey on Family Feud. While it may not be an accomplishment that means a ton outside of the show, it did play a massive part in making her and her family $20,000 richer!

Family Feud is on TV quite often on the Game Show Network and is airing special episodes on ABC all summer Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at other television popping up all summer long, be sure to check out our summer premiere guide.

Mick Joest
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