Mark Hamill on The Big Bang Theory Season 11

The Big Bang Theory has been a fan favorite for years on CBS. In that time we've seen a slew of faces from science, science fiction, pop and nerd culture appear on the comedy. This past season was full of familiar faces, as people like Bill Gates and Mark Hamill made guest appearances. Hamill didn't pop in for just a few words, either. The Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor had enough time to do a meaty guest appearance on the series, signing on to officiate the wedding of Sheldon and Amy at the end of Season 11. It was a great moment, and at Comic-Con 2018, showrunner Steve Holland admitted it was actually his favorite moment of the season, even though special requests and the hiding of memorabilia were involved. He said:

It was such a great season, the wedding finale we were all super proud of, but for me getting to meet Mark Hamill and having him come on the show was amazing. It was literally a dream. I'm such a huge Star Wars fan and when we first reached out to Mark and asked if he was interested because we didn't have a script at the time and he a little hesitant to commit to something that without a script. He's like, 'Well can we get on the phone and talk to you.' So, Chuck Lorre and I got on the phone and we talked to Mark. He's like, 'You know, I'm not sure, here's the thing: Would it be OK if I just came and sat in a room with them and talked for a while.' I was like, 'Yes, Mark Hamill, I think we can make room for that in your schedule.'

Soon after, Mark Hamill did indeed come in and speak with the writers, who spent much of the session sneaking pictures of the famous Star Wars actor to share with their friends and families. (Not to mention the entire Comic-Con panel.) The experience seems to have been just as amazing for the entire writing staff as it was for the fans who tuned in to CBS for the Season 11 finale of The Big Bang Theory. Regardless, Steve Holland also mentioned that he had a bit of a panic attack before he first met with Mark Hamill.

When he was coming for that meeting for the first time he was going to come and meet in my office first and I had this panic attack. I realized, 'Boy, I have a lot of Star Wars stuff in my office. Is that gonna freak him out?' So, I went in this spiral of like talking to everyone, 'Is it too much? Should I take some things out of my office? We settled on if I removed the giant Death Star and all of the lightsabers then everything else would be cool.

See, TV writers are fanboys and girls just like us! It wasn't the first time a major Star Wars face was involved with The Big Bang Theory. It definitely shouldn't be the last time the show decides to pay homage to Star Wars. Yet, this one won't be a guest star appearance we'll likely forget.

Steve Holland took over for Steve Molaro on The Big Bang Theory last season as the latter headed over to Young Sheldon. He'll be back helping to make big moments like the Mark Hamill guest appearance happen in Season 12, which hits the schedule on CBS on September 24, 2018.

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