Kevin Costner's Yellowstone Renewed For Season 2 At Paramount Network

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Yellowstone just got the green light for seconds. That's right! Paramount Network has delivered some mighty great news for fans of the Kevin Costner-led neo-Western, as co-created by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Taylor Sheridan. Yellowstone has been renewed for Season 2, which means fans can ride out the rest of this season assured they will see more of the intense drama, as this delightful news comes well-ahead of the series' Season 1 finale.

Yellowstone has been renewed for a second season that will comprise ten episodes, and it's an order that matches the episode count of the series' freshman season, so expect to eye just as much Dutton family drama in Season 2. In good news on the behind-the-scenes end of things, Taylor Sheridan will be returning as Yellowstone's showrunner, as well as a writer on the series. It is a move that should give Yellowstone a creative consistency and flow. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and don't let John Dutton get his mitts on it.

Given the stellar ratings performance of the series, Yellowstone's renewal is not particularly shocking. It has been a hit for Paramount, ranking as the number two drama on cable behind The Walking Dead, and the network is wasting no time in getting the second season up and running. Filming on Season 2 is set to commence shortly and it will be shot on location in Utah and Montana, per the network. That production schedule puts the series on target for a 2019 return date, which means viewers mayhave to wait the now-standard year between cable TV seasons.

Yellowstone is a brooding drama that chronicles the exploits of a prosperous family who own the largest ranch in the United States, as they work in concert to maintain what they have acquired under the advisement of the Dutton family's patriarch, Kevin Costner's John Dutton. Of course, just about everyone out there who isn't part of the Dutton family wants a piece of the pie. With television viewers in need of some angst-ridden drama during the summer, when new content is relatively scarce outside of streaming, Paramount Network has found a hit in Yellowstone. With a storied pedigree behind and in front of the camera, Yellowstone is definitely a drama that still has many more fans to attract.

As of now, Yellowstone is currently around halfway through its first season. With a lot left to discover, it will be interesting to see if the show ends up leaving fans with a big cliffhanger to mull over while awaiting its return, or if it will wrap up the season with a sense of closure and a tease of the overarching drama to come. There is still a lot of drama to unfold and plenty of time for viewers to catch up on the series before the Season 1 finale, which is set to air Wednesday, August 22.

New episodes of Yellowstone air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. For new television shows coming soon, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres. For more on information on Yellowstone check out the show's official site.

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