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Everything old is new again in the world of TV, as old favorites have been finding their way back to our screens slowly but surely over the past few years. And we're hearing whispers surrounding yet another reboot of a Must See TV alumni, as a new reboot to the hit NBC sitcom Frasier is being supposedly being talked over by CBS Studios and Dr. Crane himself, Kelsey Grammer. From the preliminary details we've seen surrounding the project, this could be a rather interesting case that only the good doctor would ever take on.

Deadline reports that the new series, which doesn't have a format or network nailed down just yet, is being hypothesized as a reboot to the classic NBC sitcom that would include Grammer's Dr. Frasier Crane at the head of the cast, much like his previous incarnation. The big change this time though is that Dr. Crane would presumably be headquartered in a new city, possibly with new friends, and depending on how extensive the reboot is, with new family members as well. The deal behind this project must be a particularly sweet one, as Kelsey Grammer previously shot down any sort of talk surrounding Frasier's potential rebooting.

Should the big move be the approach that Frasier's new reboot takes, this'll be Dr. Crane's second move, as he previously lived in Boston as a guest star turned recurring character on that other NBC classic, Cheers. With 11 seasons of Frasier's Seattle based antics in the books, and another 11 years from the Ted Danson lead ensemble comedy preceding them, Kelsey Grammer set a record of playing the same character over 22 seasons of television. Of course, with such history comes some interesting pros and cons that need to be weighed out in the process of developing a new spin on a storied character.

So on the upside, a brand new round of Crane-sanity seems like something that could appeal to new viewers familiar with Grammer's later efforts, like The Last Tycoon or Trollhunters. Not to mention, Kelsey Grammer's protagonist did move to Chicago at the end of his series, in order to be with his love interest, Charlotte. Throw in the finale's efforts that tied up the lives of Niles, Daphne, Martin and Roz in neat bows, and you have a potential recipe for a fresh start for Frasier.

However, there's also a definite downside when it comes to rebooting Frasier's history, as those characters and their 11 seasons of antics together are beloved by sitcom fans who witnessed the creation and development of just what made Frasier the success that it was. To reboot the character partially might still seem like a step back for Dr. Frasier Crane, who finally seemed to have things together, and was able to move on with his life. However, to reboot without the character would likely also be difficult for fans, as those who love and honor the entire cast's contributions, especially in light of former cast member John Mahoney's passing this past February.

It's early days in the potential reboot of Frasier, and there's no telling what will happen, or if the series will happen for sure. Whatever progresses from this point is obviously going to be the product of rigorous thought, and all we hope for, as fans of TV and Dr. Crane himself, is that the end result is something we can all be proud of. For now, Kelsey Grammer can be seen in the final season of Trollhunters, as well as in the upcoming Netflix movie Like Father, which debuts on August 3rd.

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