Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer Finally Features His Mask

Iron Fist didn't leave the best impression with viewers following Season 1, but a cameo by Danny Rand in Luke Cage Season 2 has revitalized some fans hopes the show can get it right in Season 2. Now, a new trailer for the upcoming season has surfaced, and it would appear as though Marvel was listening to fans' criticisms as the iconic mask of Danny Rand is finally featured:

The first footage of Iron Fist Season 2 keeps most its action in the past, as Danny recalls a past incident in K'un-Lun. The flashback showed monks looking on as Danny and Davos engaged in ritualistic style combat. Things start off rather chill, as both men are seen fighting with the classic Iron Fist mask fastened firmly to their heads. Sometime later, things get increasingly bloody, and the sequence ends with it looking like Danny got the better of his former friend. The scene has led to some speculation that this is the two's battle that decided who got the title of Iron Fist, which is obviously a big moment in the hero's history.

The memory startles Danny, and while Colleen tries to soothe him by stating it's all in the past; all Danny can do is hope she's right. The Iron Fist moment is almost certainly a wink to an upcoming plot line teased at the end of Season 1, where Davos and Joy Meachum joined forces against Danny. Madam Gao was there as well, which had some fans wondering if the team up was an angle for The Defenders that ended up being cut. This Season 2 trailer appears to dispute that theory, and confirm that Davos will be gunning for Danny when things kick off, even if he isn't the season's main baddie.

Finn Jones told audiences he assumed Danny would get his iconic costume in Season 2, and the new trailer for Iron Fist shows he was correct to assume. That said, it's worth mentioning Iron Fist only showed the mask in a flashback, which may mean the hero is only donning the costume in the past. It's a tactic Luke Cage used in Season 1 that proved to be largely successful, although fans weren't exactly clamoring for Luke's metal headband to return like they have been for Finn's mask.

Iron Fist (opens in new tab) returns to Netflix for Season 2 Friday, September 7 at 12:01 PT. The latest look at the upcoming episodes isn't the first glimpse we've had at the series, as a previous trailer that showed Danny kicking ass dropped just a week ago. For more on upcoming superhero television, be sure to visit and bookmark our superhero premiere guide. Those wanting to see all the shows coming to television over the next couple of months can visit our summer premiere guide.

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