Watch The Office Stars Recreate A Favorite Show Scene At Home

It is always great to see the cast of The Office hanging out, especially when they call back to their time on the beloved NBC comedy. Well, Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez brought smiles to countless faces thanks to a clip Kinsey posted on Twitter. A fan asked Kinsey to recreate her favorite scene from the show, so she and Nunez teamed up and did it. On a slightly smaller scale than the network production, of course. See it for yourself below.

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Bravo! The scene that Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez recreated was from the excellent thirteenth installment of Season 5, entitled "Stress Relief." In the hilarious episode, Dwight Schrute put his his fellow employees through a problematic "fire drill" that subsequently strikes panic among the staff. In the midst of the chaos, Oscar is able to get up on a desk and remove the ceiling panel, so that he could launch himself into the ceiling. Upon seeing this, Angela tried to get Oscar to save her cat, Bandit.

While it is hard to believe that episode of The Office aired almost ten years ago in February 2009, it is true. Despite there being a nearly decade-long gap between initially filming it, Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez did not miss a beat with their spot-on reenactment. Even their line delivery perfectly syncs with their original performances, give or take a few nanoseconds. There was only thing missing due to obvious limitations -- the absence of movable ceiling panels.

After Angela threw Bandit up through the empty space in the ceiling to Oscar in the original scene, Bandit disappeared into the ceiling only to come crashing down through another ceiling panel. Poor Bandit! (Don't worry, the real and fictional cats were okay.) It is days like these that personal hope for a revival of The Office swells immensely, and we appreciate the cooking show Baking with Ange and Josh for bringing Oscar Nunez in as a guest.

In other show-related goodness, Angela Kinsey hilariously answered a tweet asking followers which character they are from The Office. See Kinsey's splendid response below:

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If you have still not laughed enough, check out this hilarious response to Angela Kinsey's response on Twitter. Oh, Dwight, how I miss thee. The entire cast of The Office was one of those special ensembles that came together like lightning in a bottle, even with the change-ups. So these clips of Kinsey and Oscar Nunez reenacting one of the best scenes from the show only makes that sentiment more pronounced.

While rumors of a revival of The Office have circulated there has been nothing concrete on that front. CinemaBlend will keep you posted in case that changes though. So stay tuned! For new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres.

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