How The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Will Reference Damon And Elena

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When The Vampire Diaries wrapped up its eight-season run last year, a lot of stuff happened during the finale. Namely, the show was able to bring Nina Dobrev back for one last hurrah on the small screen. Her story wrapped up with Stefan sacrificing himself for Damon, who became human again. Elena was revived, and the two were able to meet again and seemingly live happily ever after. While speaking at the panel for The Vampire Diaries spinoff Legacies at SDCC this year, creator Julie Plec revealed a few things about Damon and Elena in the future, before explaining how the spinoff will reference the two characters directly. She said:

I know that Damon and Elena are still together. Sorry for some of you. I know that it's the same universe and that we lovingly pay homage to them through little details. Like if you guys go visit Covington, Georgia where we shoot Mystic Falls, the storefront from the -- I think we show it in next week's episode-- but there's a storefront that says Dr. Elena Salvatore. It's a family clinic. So, she has her family clinic in the town square. You know I think that when Damon and Elena finally had children, they'd be younger kids by now. So maybe the spinoff of this spinoff can be the Salvatore children!

At one point in the past, Julie Plec had talked about an idea she had that would have featured Elena actually being killed off of The Vampire Diaries. Another writer talked the showrunner out of it, and we got the ending we did. It honestly seems just as well, considering it means that should be just one more opportunity for Julie Plec and Co. to sprinkle more The Vampire Diaries nods into Legacies. It looks as if the follow-up drama will 100% be OK with sprinkling references in, as well.

alaric saltzman

In addition to Damon and Elena mentions, Legacies will actually feature Alaric Saltzman prominently. Actor Matt Davis was at San Diego Comic-Con supporting the show this year and seems genuinely pumped to have a role in the new series. In addition, Caroline is obviously involved with the Salvatore Boarding School For The Young And Gifted, so even if she doesn't pop up in the series in person, it would be difficult to get around referencing her. Julie Plec also said during the panel that the door is open for any characters from The Vampire Diaries and sister series The Originals to show up in Legacies, so there should be a lot for fans who have stuck with the franchise from the very beginning to sink their teeth into.

Legacies will hit the CW this fall on October 25, 2018. Stay tuned for more info about the new series, and hopefully some excellent upcoming footage, as well. And head to our fall premiere schedule for all the other new and returning shows that are on the way.

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