Cloak And Dagger's Finale Embraced The Comics In Two Major Ways

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched the Season 1 finale for Freeform's Cloak & Dagger.

While most of Marvel's big TV shows have stuck relatively close to their tales of superheroes and supervillains battling for the safety of their cities and/or the world, Cloak & Dagger showrunner Joe Pokaski created a unique origin story that initially started off avoiding many direct comic connections and crossover references. But by the end of the Season 1 finale, titled "Colony Collapse," Cloak & Dagger not only gave the male half of the titular duo his proper outfit, but it also introduced a comic vigilante that fans have been waiting to see: Mayhem. Let's dive into each of these awesome reveals below.

Tyrone Gets His Real Cloak

Throughout the course of Season 1, Tyrone's powers have been wholly tied to what he could do with out any accessories, such as stress-induced teleportation and identifying others' fears. He was under the assumption that he was getting additional Darkforce powers from the Mardi Gras cloak that his brother had started all those years ago, though that ended up being a mistaken assumption. Which almost made it all the more sad to see it get totally destroyed during the finale's rampant chaos.

In any case, Tandy came through for Tyrone in the biggest way yet (and perhaps the biggest way possible) by re-granting him the then-oversized hoodie (cloak) that he was wearing the night Billy was murdered. Or, more to the point, the one he was wearing in the water when he and Tandy were hit with the Roxxon energy blast. As the first thing Tandy ever stole, it was something that she couldn't part with for many years, but now knows Tyrone needs it more than she does.

But even though she thinks he doesn't need it to work his magic, it isn't long before Tyrone discovers just how fitting his old duds really are. During his rooftop showdown with Connors, the hoodie mystically manifested smoky tendrils that thwarted the slimy cop's attempt to shoot Tyrone. And soon after, Connors was spookily pulled into the cloak to presumably become the Darkforce's newest resident. All without Tyrone having to lay a hand on him. That kind of power should come in handy in Season 2, no matter where the story is heading.

Brigid Becomes Mayhem

Even without the comic books as a guideline, Cloak & Dagger viewers had to have known that something batshit insane was going to happen to NOPD detective Brigid O'Reilly, since every situation she got involved with in her short stint there was kinda batshit. (I guess that's how they did it in Harlem.) She paid heavily for trying to throw Connors under the justice bus for his crooked ways, first in that bar beatdown and then again when he shot her dead in cold blood. Brigid wasn't the only thing struck by Connors' bullets, though. He also blew a hole near the valve of a pipe naturally pumping out Roxxon's Terror-causing gas.

Brigid was clearly in the middle of the blast, but it temporarily looked like she was a total goner after Conners kicked her into the water. Well, not really, since this is a Marvel show, after all. And sure enough, the final moments took viewers a muddy embankment where a resurrected-by-Roxxon Brigid came crawling out of the muck. Only, she wasn't really Brigid anymore, and it's highly assumed that she'll take on the comic-borne moniker Mayhem in Season 2. I'd say it's impossible to know how closely to the comics Joe Pokaski will stick with Mayhem, but even the origin story is different. (For one change, Cloak and Dagger were responsible for bringing Brigid back on the page.)

Falling somewhere between good guy and bad guy, Mayhem is noted for assisting Tandy and Tyrone in their exploits, and also for showing no hesitance or remorse in dealing with deadly villains and corrupt authorities. It's not like she has a boss anymore. The TV show is apparently marking her movements with glitchy shifts, which could be interesting. There's no sign of the green gas that Mayhem uses to incapacitate others, but I'm betting that'll get revealed next season. Too bad she won't be able to use any on Connors.

Cloak & Dagger Season 1 is over now, though fans can rewatch Season 1 on Hulu while waiting for the second batch of episodes to arrive on Freeform. (And it may be sooner, rather than later, according to what Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb said at San Diego Comic-Con.) While waiting, our fall premiere schedule will clue you in on all the new and returning shows coming soon.

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