Some Fans Were Really Upset About The Originals Finale

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Caution: Spoilers for The Originals' series finale are ahead.

The surprising events of its series finale saw The Originals end with the death of both Elijah and Klaus. And, the way things ended is not going over well with some of the show's ardent fans. The disappointment is not only in the death of Klaus, but a lack of closure following the characters' deaths. Neither Klaus or Elijah was shown in the afterlife. Something that has been a source of significant disappointment for fans.

Bringing a long-running series to a close can often bring controversy with it, so The Originals is no exception. While every source of fan upset is different, the general consensus regarding fans' dismay with the finale was the decision to kill off Klaus. It is a plot point that means Klaus' daughter Hope has been left an orphan, and means the end to any chance of Klaus being able to be with Caroline, so there was no happy romantic ending for the series' lead. Here is one fan's take:

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The official end to any hope that Caroline and Klaus would wind up together was incredibly frustrating for some fans. It is a future The Originals' creator Julie Plec indicated there would have been hope for, had Klaus' fate been different. Add to this the fact that Caroline has now missed out on a happy ending with Klaus, just like she did with Stefan when The Vampire Diaries ended, as one fan explains.

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That's right Caroline, has missed out on a happy romantic ending twice. Adding salt to the wound of Elijah and Klaus crossing over to the afterlife is the fact that neither character was shown interacting or reuniting with anyone on the other side. For other fans, though, their dislike of the finale wasn't specifically about the series' various ships.

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Another one of the upsetting developments for fans was The Originals finale lacking a pivotal moment of closure between Elijah and Hayley. It was a scene that fans had come to hope for, given that it seemed to be alluded to during an earlier episode. And, fans did not hold back from unleashing their frustration on Twitter.

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As you can see, fans are not happy with the finale, something showrunners of The Originals' spinoff will hopefully take into consideration. Bringing a series to a close inevitably means leaving some fans wanting more, especially when dire fates are dealt out. With The Originals spinoff, Legacies, happening this fall, time will tell if fans' bitter feelings over the finale of this show will impact that debut. The spinoff follows Klaus and Hayley's daughter, Hope, so, ideally, it should be a shoe-in for fans of The Originals. But, will so many being so unhappy about the ending of the previous series, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not they'll tune in.

The Originals' spinoff, Legacies, will premiere October 25 on The CW. For other new television shows set to bow this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres. If you are only curious about The CW's lineup, you can check out the network's fall schedule here.

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