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Channing Dungey makes a lot of big decisions over at ABC, and she also made a lot of headlines recently for deciding to cancel Roseanne in the wake of a tweet heard 'round the country. The show was a huge ratings winner for the network, but Dungey revealed in her first interview after making the decision with The Hollywood Reporter that she wouldn't go back and do anything differently. However, the ABC head honcho also revealed she did have one disappointment when making the decision. Per Dungey:

No, I don't think so. I think the swift, decisive action really spoke volumes and I think we're proud of what we did. I am excited about the fact that we were able to bring the cast back and a majority of the crew back to work on The Conners -- that's important to me. That was my one disappointment that day -- thinking about the innocent people who were affected by the decision. The fact that we're now able to move forward with The Conners feels good.

So, for the most part, Channing Dungey indicates she feels ABC made the correct decision when it canceled the series, especially once the network figured out how to move forward without Roseanne Barr. Still, she isn't making light of the workers who were thrown into upheaval -- after the network had already committed to Season 2 -- and has now revealed that even if she was satisfied by the creative decision the network made, she still recognizes the downside.

It was clearly a terrible day in the writers room when Roseanne was given the boot by ABC. Executive producer Dave Caplan previously described the scene on the ground, noting that the day the show got canceled was the first day for the new writers that had been hired for Season 2. He said that everyone knew the new season couldn't get started, noting of the scene,

We got together as a group for the first time and there was a lot of bittersweet hellos -- and a couple hours later, a lot of very difficult goodbyes.

A few short weeks later, ABC had not brought back Roseanne, but it did come up with a plan that would allow the Conner family to remain on the air while cutting out Roseanne Barr. That plan is none other than The Conners spinoff, which should bring back the rest of the original cast. In the interview with THR, Channing Dungey also talked about how a spinoff wasn't in the works and had never even been considered by the network before Roseanne Barr ultimately made decisions on Twitter that impacted her series.

If we still had Roseanne, we wouldn't have needed The Conners because we're still telling the story of the Conner family in Lanford, Illinois.

All in all, the Conners will be back on broadcast TV during the 2018-2019 TV season sans the family's famous matriarch. The Conners earned a straight-to-series order from ABC in June, and 10 episodes are expected to hit the schedule during the fall. To take a look at what the new-ish sitcom we'll compete against, be sure to peruse CinemaBlend's full TV premiere schedule.

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