Kim Possible's Christy Carlson Romano Revealed To Be In Disney's Live-Action Movie

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Christy Carlson Romano was a key part of the Disney Channel in the 2000's, and while many folks today may remember her as Ren from Even Stevens, plenty of others also remember her as the titular crime-stopper in Kim Possible. Many had wondered if the voice actress behind the animated cheerleader spy would be involved in Disney Channel's upcoming live-action movie, and now Romano herself has confirmed she has a part to play:

I can't say too much about my involvement yet, but I'm very excited to help usher in the strong, empowered female character I helped bring to life, to a new generation. And I'm equally thrilled to see what the original fans think!

The role of Kim Possible is already taken, and even if it wasn't, it's safe to say Disney Channel wouldn't have cast the 34-year-old Christy Carlson Romano to play the high-schooler. Additionally, it's already been revealed that Alyson Hannigan will be playing the part of Kim's mom, so any Romano-laced theories on that front can be shot down as well. In fact, fans can also rule out the actress playing most of the major characters in the upcoming live-action Kim Possible flick, as the casting is largely filled out.

Christy Carlson Romano didn't spill the beans to People, nor those in attendance at the D23 event, regarding her role in the film, only saying she's thrilled to play a part in bringing Kim Possible to a new generation of children. When Disney revealed its plans to bring back the teenage spy, some had speculated Romano might return to play her iconic character in the present day. In what could be seen as a nod to those fans, Disney Channel uploaded a humorous skit of Romano and her former Kim Possible co-star Will Friedle auditioning for the live-action romp to try and get their old roles back. Check out the ridiculousness below.

Christy Carlson Romano reprising the role of Kim Possible is not completely out of the question, however, as the Disney Channel film might indeed have plans to show Kim as an adult. After all, it was also announced that comedian Patton Oswalt is reprising his role as Professor Dementor in live-action, so Romano wouldn't be the only former cast member to return to a character they portrayed in the animated series. That said, there's no mention of Will Friedle being attached to the film, which may make any flash-forward Kim cameos unlikely. Perhaps instead, Romano may play a teacher or some other role that gives her one or two lines so that classic fans can see the original Kim on-screen.

The live-action Kim Possible film will air on the Disney Channel sometime in 2019. CinemaBlend will keep everyone up on the "sitch" as the date draws nearer, while always keeping an ear to the ground for other great television coming soon. For a look at what's headed to television in the near future, visit our summer and fall premiere guides.

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