The Flash Episode Titles Reveal Big Things Coming For Cisco And Caitlin In Season 5

caitlin and cisco the flash season 4

Little by little, fans are learning more about what The Flash will deliver with Season 5 this fall, and the latest reveals hint at some major episodes coming for Carlos Valdes' Cisco and Danielle Panabaker's Caitlin. Unfortunately, it sounds like one of them is going to have a much worse situation than the other, with Cisco's alter ego Vibe possibly getting killed off, while Caitlin's Killer Frost side may be coming back in full force. Check out the episode titles for Episodes 3-6 below.

Episode 3: The Death of VibeEpisode 4: News FlashEpisode 5: All Doll'd UpEpisode 6: The Icicle Cometh

The previously released titles for the first two episodes are "Nora" and "Blocked," implying Season 5 will kick off by focusing on Team Flash's various members welcoming future-speedster Nora West-Allen into the fold. But the joy behind learning about her timeline foibles will apparently soon be balanced by whatever dark events are going down in Episode 3, since "The Death of Vibe" could not possibly sound more ominous in nature. But does it actually mean that something horrible is going to happen to Cisco and/or his breach-blasting alter ego Vibe?

That's certainly how it's meant to be taken at face value, and the Season 5 villain Cicada is known for heading up a cult that murders anyone that The Flash ever saved. That group definitely includes Cisco, who actually died back in Season 1 at the vibrating hand of Reverse-Flash, which is where the Vibe powers first came into play. So will Cicada or another villain be responsible for eliminating Cisco's very useful powers, or will Cisco himself be the one who makes the decision to cut ties with his Vibe side? And that doesn't mean Cisco has to die too, right?

vibe and killer frost the flash season 4

Much more exciting than the prospect of Dead Cisco is the potential return of Killer Frost for Episode 6, which is a clear play on the stage play The Iceman Cometh. Killer Frost has been almost entirely missing from The Flash ever since The Thinker seemingly sapped Caitlin's metahuman abilities away last season. But it was later revealed that the Killer Frost personality is not what we thought it was, and that it did not originate with the particle accelerator explosion that gave powers to Barry and so many others.

The mystery behind Killer Frost's arrival and evolution will hopefully be explored quite a bit in Season 5, since Caitlin's shocking flashbacks were one of the most interesting reveals of the year. We know it has something to do with her dad, who is apparently not dead at all, but has merely been intentionally MIA for all these years. He'll probably be popping up in Season 5 as that storyline develops, and when he does, he'd better have some satisfactory answers about how his daughter first got her Killer Frost powers.

With these and more mysteries piling up ahead of the Season 5 debut, The Flash will return to The CW on Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see what other new and returning shows are speeding to primetime soon, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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