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Jessica Jones lost a lot by the end of her Season 2 adventure, and now her superheroine show is going to lose a lot more by the end of next season. Melissa Rosenberg, creator and showrunner of the Marvel Netflix series, will be leaving the show following Season 3, and she'll actually be joining the competition. Rosenberg is headed to Warner Bros. TV and possibly dipping her toes in the world of DC Comics adaptations. Apparently, the superhero show veteran decided to switch sides after a reportedly lucrative offer.

The Warner Bros. deal with Melissa Rosenberg is said to be a sweet deal, with the price tag reportedly being in the eight-figure amount. That money ensures Rosenberg will work for Warner Bros. for multiple years, and in the meantime create and develop television shows for Warner Bros. TV. THR reports Netflix tried to keep Rosenberg on board, but was ultimately unsuccessful, with reports indicating Rosenberg may have been ready to move on. The showrunner will stay with Jessica Jones throughout the entirety of Season 3 and will still receive an executive producer credit and creator credit beyond that, but the show will have to find a new showrunner should it get renewed for Season 4.

Melissa Rosenberg's commitment to the upcoming season of Jessica Jones will likely keep her out of the currently announced WB television projects, including Batwoman, but it would be silly if we didn't speculate Rosenberg could do some superhero-related work for the studio. In addition to her work on Jessica Jones, Rosenberg served as a writer on the short-lived WB series Birds of Prey, which Arrow-verse actresses have casually brought up and expressed interest in over the years. If a revival or reboot of that series is a possibility, Rosenberg is a smart acquisition for Warner Bros. TV, especially in terms of helping to further solidify Gotham's presence in the Arrow-verse.

However, Melissa Rosenberg isn't just a smart acquisition due to her superhero show experience; she's been a key player behind a lot of successful television shows and franchises throughout the years. Rosenberg has contributed to dramas like Dexter, The O.C., and Party of Five just to name a few, all of which experienced great success during their runs. Rosenberg also penned all the screenplays for the Twilight films, and while we're not so sure the world is ready for a television show based on the world of Twilight just yet, this is an age of reboots!

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The sky's the limit for Melissa Rosenberg's future with Warner Bros. TV, but in the meantime, she still has to complete Season 3 of Jessica Jones for Netflix. There's no timetable for when that will release, but fans should head over to our Netflix premiere guide anyway and see what other new shows are just around the corner. For a look at what's happening on cable television, visit our summer and fall premiere guides.

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