Watch David Harbour Break Down The Craziest Stranger Things Fan Theories

When it comes to Stranger Things and television in general, fans are not shy about theorizing about the upcoming plot points of their favorite show. Sometimes they turn out to be right, while other times they are just a lot of fun. Stranger Things star David Harbour had some fun of his own breaking down fan theories from Reddit. Before giving his insights on a few fan theories, Harbour warned that these are just his thoughts. Watch it for yourself below:

It is pretty incredible that we definitely know David Harbour has read these theories. And his delightful responses in the Vanity Fair video are diplomatic, kind, and intriguing. Harbour seemed quite taken with the first theory and liked the idea of the Upside Down being the future. Interestingly, Harbour shared a bit of his own thoughts, revealing that he did not believe the Upside Down would be revealed as a specific place or time.

While it is cool that David Harbour was willing to read fan theories, Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy recently revealed that he and the series' creators are wary of reading them. They've got good reasons, which include concerns surrounding the influence of outside voices on the show. When you have created a hit show that has been well-received for two back-to-back seasons, you definitely want to stick with what's working.

As for those fan theories, they have had pretty shocking thoughts on the show. One that surprised the Duffer brothers was fans' speculation that Sean Astin's Bob would turn out to be evil back in Season 2. Of course, this didn't play out.. You win some, you lose some. Unfortunately for those fans, they watched waiting for the other shoe to drop unnecessarily. Perhaps, Stranger Things not doing something like that will lend to a more trusting perspective from viewers in Season 3.

Back to the theories in the video though. While David Harbour did not reveal any Stranger Things spoilers, he recently shared a bit of insight into Hopper's journey in Season 3. The actor revealed that Hopper will be experiencing domesticity and that the audience will learn more about what he needs, which sounds interesting. None of the theories Harbour delved into during the video got into the specifics of Hopper's involvement in the overall mythos, but to suffice it say he should have an impact.

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