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Jersey Shore Family Vacation is back for Season 2, and while the gang looks like they haven't lost a step between vacations, there's always that chance the next season of the reality show may be the last. Deena's pregnant, Ronnie has baby mama drama, and The Situation might be headed to prison, but that doesn't affect Vinny Guadagnino's headspace for future episodes. The star and some of his other castmates shared how long they'd be willing to keep the show going, with his statement being one of the strongest of the bunch:

I'll do it until people are sick of us.

Vinny's reaction sounds genuine, and shouldn't come as a surprise to most who watch Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Guadagnino is one of the youngest cast members on the series, and beyond his love for his mother, has no relationship or children keeping him away from traveling the nation with his friends. Should JSFV start to slowly lose its cast, Guadagnino could eventually become the bridge that connects to the old series if MTV ever decides to reboot the show with a new batch of Jersey locals.

That sounds crazy, but also something that could happen considering the age gap between Vinny and Pauly D. The men are separated by eight years of age, so introducing a fresh batch of 30-year olds alongside Vinny eight years from now isn't out of the question. That said, Pauly D may be approaching 40, but his willingness to continue doing the program appears strong as he indicated to E! News he's not going anywhere anytime soon:

We're having fun doing it.

Pauly D appears to speak for the cast, who, despite some drama at the tail end of the Season 2 premiere, were having fun in Vegas. The trailer indicates that fun will continue in spite of the drama, even with the fact that castmates like Deena and Ronnie are absent due to personal matters. That's fine for now, because even with some of the cast elsewhere, Jersey Shore Family Vacation always has some folks waiting in the bullpen even if it means having Angelina poop her pants on cable television yet again. The show also has Sammi Sweetheart on the sidelines, and while it doesn't appear as though she's coming back anytime soon, who's to say what could happen five to eight years down the road?

Could Jersey Shore Family Vacation still be on the air that far out? Jenni "JWoww" Farley seems to think so as she teased the world may be in for a decade of the reality drama:

I need to at least do it until Vinny has a kid, and that's at least 10 years?

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast will have to make it to Season 3 first, as Season 2 rolls on at MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep up with all things coming to television in the coming months by visiting our summer and fall premiere guides.

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