NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Trailer Reveals Serious Injuries And A Deadly Mission

A new season of NCIS: Los Angeles is on the way, and fans will finally get to know what happens after the explosive Season 9 cliffhanger that saw the four lead characters seemingly blown up in their SUV. Some first look images have released, but real footage hadn't debuted... until now. An intense trailer for Season 10 finally hit the web, and it reveals injuries more serious than we might have guessed and a deadly mission to escape Mexico. Prepare yourself for something intense and check it out!

Well, that doesn't look for good for the good guys! Early descriptions of the Season 10 premiere indicated that Callen, Sam, and Kensi would have an "unconscious Deeks in tow," but the new footage indicates that Deeks will have been far more seriously injured than just a conk on the head that knocked him out for the return journey to Los Angeles. While we do know that Deeks won't die in the premiere unless Kensi ties the knot to a ghost later in the season, there may be lasting effects of how he was caught in the exploding SUV at the end of Season 10.

I know I winced at the quick shot of somebody moving Deeks' neck from one side to the other. I may not be a doctor, but even I know that's not something that bodes well for somebody who's unconscious after a traumatic explosion. He'll clearly wake up and be capable of speaking, as we see him inform whoever is by his side (probably Kensi) that something isn't right. Later shots of Kensi cuddling Deeks on his stretcher and then dragging the stretcher through the wilderness prove that Deeks won't be bounding up and jogging out of Mexico on his own. While I doubt NCIS: LA would paralyze Deeks so soon after putting Kensi through the same thing, I wouldn't rule out a brain injury.

Although Deeks is the most obviously injured, we should probably start worrying about Callen as well. He and Sam seem to be alone in a shelter (or makeshift prison) when Callen tells Sam that it's getting more difficult for him to breathe, and Sam doesn't look altogether confident about Callen's odds when he takes his hand and tells him to rest. Callen is seen choking a bad guy elsewhere in the trailer, and my money is on that bad guy biting the dust as part of the agents' deadly mission to escape Mexico, in the premiere titled "To Live and Die in Mexico."

The shot of him choking the bad guy probably comes from a scene earlier than Callen and Sam together. Footage shows Callen taking a hard blow to the sternum from the butt of a rifle, which could be the source of the injury that has him struggling to breathe. If he's well enough after the explosion to put an enemy into a chokehold, the direct blow to the chest might be the injury severe enough to do serious damage.

At least Sam wasn't one of the two seriously injured! The agents might be seriously out of luck if they had to try and drag a immobilized Sam through the desert. That man is more than six feet or pure muscle! The bad news is that Hidoko is still unaccounted for. With the good guys in such a mess in the premiere, it may not be surprising that a certain guest star is returning and a brand new character is entering the mix.

Find out for yourself what's in store when NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 premieres on Sunday, September 30 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS. To learn other important premiere dates (including the other two NCIS series), swing by our fall TV guide.

Laura Hurley
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