Iron Fist's Season 2 Finale Dropped A Huge Twist

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_Warning! The following contains MASSIVE spoilers for Iron Fist Season 2. Read at your own risk. _

As one of Marvel's weakest reviewed shows to date, Iron Fist had to do a lot during Season 2 to keep fans interested, as well as justify the hero's place in the television universe. The jury is still out as to whether the show succeeded in creating a better season, although there's certainly no denying it made things more interesting with a crazy plot twist during the end of the season. In fact, Danny Rand relinquished the Heart of the Dragon power to Colleen Wing in the Season 2 finale and left her in charge of protecting New York as the new Iron Fist while he went elsewhere. That happened.

The switch came after Davos successfully stole the power from Danny earlier in the season, and the former Iron Fist and Colleen spent a good deal of the last half of Iron Fist Season 2 trying to get it back. Danny's change of heart came when he became disillusioned by the teachings of K'un Lun and the violent reason he was given the massive power to begin with. Danny is only more confident in his decision once he learns that Wong may be a descendant of Wu Ao-Shi, who was the first female Iron Fist, and thinks that their chance encounter was actually fate.

Colleen Wong's Iron Fist powers look a lot different than Danny's, as the energy she channels glows white as opposed to yellow. Additionally, Colleen appears to have a better handle on the powers compared to what we've seen in the past with Danny, as she's seen in a flash-forward months later channeling energy into her katana. It's hard to say what other crazy stuff she's capable of or where the story's headed at this point, mostly because Iron Fist introduced something that has never happened in the comic's canon.

It's also hard to say whether or not Colleen is officially the new Iron Fist. What we do know is she's been given the ability, and she's charged with protecting New York while Danny is on a quest to Asia to find his truth path to become worthy of the Iron Fist mantle. This starts with finding the people who supplied Davos with the corpse of a former Iron Fist, a task that he and Ward apparently succeed in doing months later. The confrontation gets heated and ends in Danny channeling his classic Iron Fist power into two guns to stop a bullet. This appears to indicate he's found a way to get his powers back, although the audience is left to guess how that happened. Does that mean there are now two Iron Fists?

We'll just have to wait and see if Netflix grants the series a third season so all this can be better explained. Check out both seasons of Iron Fist on the platform in the meantime, and head over to our Netflix premiere guide for more on other upcoming shows. In addition, we'll let you know as soon as the subscription streaming service makes a decision about Season 3.

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