Why DC's Titans And Swamp Thing Won't Be Connected Right Away

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The debut of DC Universe is looming, which means television will soon have more DC Comics-inspired shows than ever before. With that debut comes expectations from interested viewers, many of which have been spoiled with The CW's constant Arrow-verse crossovers. As such, fans want to know if DC Universe has the same crossover plans for upcoming shows Swamp Thing and Titans, and we now have an answer. Swamp Thing pilot screenwriter and executive producer Gary Dauberman recently spoke about the possibility of the two shows linking up, and explained why they won't connect right away:

I think the opportunity is there if we want to [connect the series] but it's not mandated. I think we could if, in the future, it organically works itself out to be that way. I haven't discussed that with the guys from Titans and they haven't discussed it with us.

Gary Dauberman didn't exactly say a Titans and Swamp Thing crossover wasn't going to happen, but his statement shows it's not a top priority for anyone involved. Dauberman revealed there's no mandate from the DC Universe head honchos that these shows need to be connected in any way, but also implied it's something they can make happen provided all parties want it. For the moment, the Swamp Thing crew sounds more concerned with establishing its own universe and getting the inaugural seasons underway before invading any Titans territory.

Dauberman told Slashfilm he thinks it's possible Swamp Thing and Titans could come together down the road, but only if they could organically make it happen. He added a bulk of this season is told through the eyes of Crystal Reed's Abby Arcane, which may be why a crossover wasn't even discussed for Season 1. Granted, a non-super-powered human hanging out with a ton of heroes on a regular basis isn't exactly uncommon in superhero television these days, but Dauberman could be hinting that the show would like to further establish Swamp Thing Alec Holland before throwing more heroes into the mix.

Swamp Thing may not have time for Titans in Season 1, but that doesn't mean crossovers are out of the question on all DC Universe shows. It's already been teased the cast of Doom Patrol will be introduced via Titans in episode 5, which seems to be a way of introducing the team ahead of the show's 2019 release on the platform. Perhaps if each series is successful and still running down the stretch, Swamp Thing will eventually jump on board and the three can have a mega-crossover that'll maybe even give The CW's efforts a run for its money?

Titans premieres on DC Universe Friday, October 12, and Swamp Thing is scheduled to air sometime in 2019. Keep up with all that's happening in the meantime via our fall premiere guide.

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