DC's Titans First Trailer Is Packed With Superheroes And An F-Bomb From Robin

DC Comics and TV fans have been awaiting a Titans TV show for what feels like forever, and it's finally on the way to DC Universe. The new streaming service from DC will feature a bunch of original shows, including a Titans series that could deliver everything that people have been waiting for all this time. Of course, not all superhero shows are bound to be hits right off the bat, and the newly released first trailer indicates that the show will be for anybody who loves DC superheroes, a classic DC lineup, and an unexpected F-bomb from none other than Boy Wonder. Check it out!

If you had any fears that Titans wouldn't showcase Dick Grayson, I'd say this trailer is proof that Batman's first sidekick will get plenty of attention in the new live-action project. That said, this clearly won't be a Dick Grayson who still wants to be the Boy Wonder to Batman's Caped Crusader. Dick drops a shocking F-bomb when somebody asks about his former mentor, practically spitting "Fuck Batman." So we're going to get the angsty version of Dick who doesn't want anything to do with Batman, and it looks like he'll be living up to the comic arc that had him based out of Bludhaven and working as a cop, which makes sense following one of the early casting announcements.

If Titans does visit Gotham City as expected, it may not linger. Who knows? Maybe the most we'll see of Gotham will come with Dick's flashbacks to his parents' deaths at the circus. Batman likely won't play much of an on-screen part in the series, but who needs Batman when there are so many other heroes to showcase? A number of classic comic superheroes will appear, bringing them to live-action for the very first time. Raven looks like she'll bring a lot of intensity as well as drag up some demons for Dick. Raven seems like she'll be a major player in the series, and her powers should definitely help her stand out for the greater good in the series. Unfortunately, her powers may also cause a lot of attention from the wrong kind of people.

We don't see much of Starfire or Beast Boy in the trailer and only a flash of Hawk and Dove. The footage featuring Dick Grayson and Robin serves to set a dark and intense tone that may define the series. Perhaps we'll get more of these other heroes in future trailers. Hopefully the show will deliver plenty of these characters, especially given that they haven't made it to live-action. The animated series and movies just aren't the same as the heroes kicking ass and taking names in live-action, and their powers should be a lot of fun.

I enjoyed the trailer, but I'm hoping that Dick Grayson will transition from Robin to Nightwing before the end of the first season. The Robin costume will always look a bit childish and associate the character with Batman; the switch to Nightwing could help him stand on his own much more. Also, the Nightwing costume is usually awesome, so sign me up for that! I'm not sure about Starfire's hair, although it does look better than the hair we got from Marvel's Inhumans last year. Other than Dick Grayson, Raven looks the most interesting to me, and I'm curious about how DC Universe will handle Beast Boy's transformations.

The very good news is that we finally have some info about how you can gain access. The long-awaited streaming service, which dropped a bunch of details not too long ago but didn't reveal a cost, will officially go live with the annual membership price of $74.99. If you don't want to commit to a year of DC Universe right away, you can pay a monthly fee of $7.99. While no premiere date has been confirmed at this point, you can still expect the streaming service (and Titans) to go live in the fall. If you need some TV to watch in the meantime, swing by our summer TV premiere guide.

Laura Hurley
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