DC Universe's Swamp Thing Cast A Gotham Vet To Star

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Gotham brought Crystal Reed into the realm of DC TV in 2017 when she made her debut as Sofia Falcone. Sofia isn't currently in the best shape on Gotham, and Reed has landed a new role that will take her to a whole new DC TV project. Reed will star in DC Universe's upcoming Swamp Thing in a role that will be quite different from Sofia Falcone. Here's what we know.

Crystal Reed is on board as the female lead of Swamp Thing, named Abby Arcane. Abby bases herself out of a small town in Louisiana with the goal of investigating a swamp-born virus that is quite deadly. Since this is a show based off of DC Comics rather than a network procedural, Abby will discover that this is no common swamp she's looking into, and not just because of a virus.

This swamp holds "mystical and terrifying secrets," and horrors will emerge from its depths that are as impossible to explain as they are unsettling. We can safely assume that the titular "Swamp Thing" will be one of those things that emerges from the swamp. Crystal Reed can now officially say that she was cast on two DC TV shows that featured characters turning up out of a swamp! But will Swamp Thing also be born on a Monday?

All of this said, we can probably assume that Abby Arcane is as ready as anybody can be for the mysterious happenings in this Louisiana swamp. A CDC doctor, her empathetic nature draws her back to her hometown due to the emergence of an epidemic that could result in the loss of a lot of lives. She encounters a scientist by the name of Alec Holland, who will introduce her to the supernatural and ultimately the Swamp Thing. Unfortunately for Abby, she'll have more to deal with than just a mysterious scientist and a literal thing from the swamp. Returning to her hometown means emotional demons from before she left rising up again.

In addition to her role as Sofia Falcone on Gotham (which she could still reprise if the show decides to pull her out of her coma in the final season), Crystal Reed is best known for her role as Allison Argent on MTV's Teen Wolf. On the film front, Reed can be found in movies like Crazy Stupid Love and Skyline.

Swamp Thing will debut Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane when it premieres on DC Universe in 2019, according to Deadline. Like almost all of the other original series coming to the DC Universe streaming service (with the exception of Titans), Swamp Thing does not have a precise premiere date at this point, nor do we know if the full first season will drop at once like a Netflix series or release new episodes on a weekly basis, like Titans.

CinemaBlend will have the latest in the greatest superhero news, so be sure to check back. DC Universe will launch way sooner than we expected, and our fall TV premiere schedule proves that plenty of DC TV superheroes are on their way back to the small screen as well.

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