DC Universe's Doom Patrol Has Cast Its Cyborg

A whole bunch of superheroes are on the way to the small screen courtesy of DC's upcoming direct-to-consumer streaming service, called DC Universe. Doom Patrol will follow a group of misfit superheroes who are called to action to save a world that hasn't gone out of the way to help them. Cyborg will be one of the heroes leading the way on Doom Patrol, and we finally know who will tackle the role. Joivan Wade of The First Purge will play Vic Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg.

The Doom Patrol version of Vic Stone should make comic fans happy, as the show's take on the character sounds pretty accurate to the character readers know and love from the pages of DC Comics books. A winning combination of sarcasm and charm, Vic nevertheless has a hard time forming and maintaining connections that keep him human after the events that resulted in his connection to every computer in the world. Rather than despairing due to the cybernetics keeping him alive and separating him from the people around him, he decides to use his abilities to work as a hero and hopefully gain acceptance. He's a hero that can do immeasurable good in the digital age, and he could be the leader a group of misfit crime-fighters need.

That said, details are currently scarce about how exactly Cyborg will or will not fit in with the team on DC Universe. The initial description for Doom Patrol revealed that the heroes are called to action by Cyborg, who needs their help for a difficult mission but knows that none of their lives will ever be the same if they undertake the mission. Cyborg will play a part in bringing the Doom Patrol together; whether than means he'll play an active part in their adventures on a regular basis remains to be seen. The Doom Patrol will be comprised of Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, Crazy Jane, and The Chief.

We do know that the Doom Patrol will debut on Titans, which could point toward Cyborg appearing on Titans as well. Given Cyborg's affiliation with the Teen Titans in the comics, readers would undoubtedly enjoy seeing him with the likes of Dick Grayson and Co. before he takes off on Doom Patrol duty. Joivan Wade will be the third actor to portray a version of Cyborg in recent years, after Ray Fisher in Justice League and Khary Payton in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. I'm guessing the Doom Patrol Cyborg will be plenty different from Teen Titans Go! Cyborg, but there could be some parallels between the Doom Patrol version and the Justice League version.

Doom Patrol is only one of the many new shows headed to DC Universe. The first trailer for Titans showed Robin dropping an F-bomb, and the other projects aren't likely to be any less wild. Be sure to take a look at our rundown of everything you need to know about the DC Universe streaming service, and check out our fall TV schedule for more viewing options.

Laura Hurley
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