Stana Katic's Absentia Reveals New Season 2 Details And Cast Members

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Stana Katic's crime thriller Absentia is officially returning for a second season. And before you begin Googling to find out where you can watch it, you can relax because the series is set to return to Amazon for its U.S. bow. That is not the only thing we now know about the upcoming season. New cast members have joined the series, and more details about the plot of Season 2 are available. Here is what you need to know.

Season 2 will be comprised of ten episodes, and the next installment will continue following Stana Katic's Emily as she struggles to find a "new normal" with her son Flynn and ex-husband Nick, something she will hopefully not have to attempt to do under the umbrella of suspicion Season 1 brought over her. The second season will also put Emily on another quest for answers regarding the remaining things that haunt her, per TVLine.

During this latest investigation, Absentia promises that Emily will uncover not just one but two bad things. They include a serial killer and a conspiracy that endangers more than just Emily's family. As fans know, she had to deal with similar threats in Season 1. This sounds a bit different though. Now, on to the new actors that will be joining the ensemble.

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Absentia has cast Offspring fan favorite Matthew Le Nevez as Cal Isaac. Cal is a former Navy SEAL, who is described as "rugged" and it turns out that he and Emily share something in common. Cal is very familiar with the demons that are chasing her. As a result, Cal is a "loyal" and empathetic "counterpart" for Emily, all things certain people in Emily's life struggled to be in Season 1. Le Nevez's credits also include The Kettering Incident, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Also joining the cast of Season 2 is Thirteen and The Night Manager's Natasha Little in a highly intriguing role. Little will play Julianne Gunnarsen, a new member of the Boston Field Office who is an FBI profiler. Gunnarsen joins the Office after a lethal terrorist attack impacts Boston. Having an FBI profiler front and center is exactly what Season 2 sounds like it needs, so it is good it will be getting one. There will undoubtedly be a lot for her to analyze.

Production on the series' second season is currently underway. If Emily ends up falling under suspicion again in Season 2, the good news is that it sounds like this new guy, Cal, should be in her corner. And as an ex-Navy SEAL, he should have the major skills necessary to back her up.

Absentia's second season is set to premiere at some point in 2019. While that is quite a bit away, there is still lots of new television set to debut this fall, including on Amazon Prime.

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