The Arrow-verse's Lois Lane Just Got Cast, And We Love It

The Arrow-verse is adding an iconic DC Comics character in the next TV season, and she's somebody who has been due to appear for a long time. After multiple teases on Supergirl and appearances from Superman, Lois Lane is joining the Arrow-verse for the big multi-show crossover, and we now know who will tackle the role. Elizabeth Tulloch of Grimm fame will play the legendary Lois Lane, and we're already excited.

As the female lead for all six seasons of Grimm, Elizabeth Tulloch knows how to perform in a genre series with a passionate fanbase. Even though Tulloch hasn't played a role as iconic as one of the longest-standing leading ladies in DC Comics history, she should be able to fit into the Arrow-verse. She's not joining the Arrow-verse to star in a Lois Lane series, so we may not want to count on seeing too much of her, but her casting means that we can look forward to however much Lois we do get.

The only unfortunate news is that we don't have a whole lot of information about how and why Lois will finally appear in the Arrow-verse. It's about time for her to pop up, given the multiple mentions of her on Supergirl as well as the appearances of her sister, her father, and of course Superman. We do know that she'll debut in the big Arrow-verse crossover, which will actually only feature episodes from three of the four Arrow-verse shows this time around. She and Superman will both appear in the crossover.

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Lois isn't the only iconic DC Comics character set to debut, and it's entirely possible that her appearance will be connected to the other character. Kate Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman, will make her first Arrow-verse appearance in the crossover. Since The CW is reportedly considering giving Kate a Batwoman series of her own, expanding the Arrow-verse to consist of five shows, the odds are that Kate will have a more significant role in the crossover than Lois, although only time will tell. We technically don't even know which Earth the Arrow-verse version of Batwoman will hail from. If she comes from Earth-38, perhaps Superman and Lois could be the ones to introduce Kate to the heroes we already know and love.

Supergirl has hinted that Superman has worked with the Earth-38 version of Batman. Although the Dark Knight himself isn't slated to appear, it stands to reason that Superman and Lois could know Batwoman as well as Batman. That does get in the way of my theory about the other character that could introduce Batwoman if Batwoman hails from Earth-1, so we'll have to wait and see.

The only bad news is that the crossover won't air until late in the fall TV lineup. It will kick off with an episode of The Flash on Sunday, December 9, then proceed with Arrow on Monday and Supergirl on Tuesday, so we won't see Elizabeth Tulloch in action as Lois Lane for a while. In addition to her many years of work on Grimm, Tulloch worked with Will Smith and Alec Baldwin for Concussion, Paul Giamatti and Billy Bob Thornton for Parkland, and the Academy Award-winning The Artist, to name only a few.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in superhero TV news. All four current shows of the Arrow-verse will premiere their new seasons on The CW in October, and Superman may turn up in an early episode of Supergirl Season 4. If so, perhaps he'll mention Lois and give a clue about what could bring her into the action.

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