The Amazing Way Grimm Came Full Circle In The Series Finale

Warning: major spoilers ahead for the series finale of Grimm, "The End."

The very last episode of NBC's Grimm has finally aired, and an era has officially come to an end. There was no show quite like Grimm anywhere else on television, and fans could always count on something creepy and confounding to kick off their weekends. Fridays simply won't be the same moving forward. Luckily, we got one hell of a finale to remember the series by, and it managed to bring the entire show full circle at the very end. The good guys found the way to defeat Zerstörer... and it had everything to do with Grimm blood.

Driven mad by grief at the deaths of his loved ones, Nick was on the verge of giving up the stick to Zerstörer in exchange for some handy dandy resurrections. He'd already seen Trubel killed and brought back to life, which was proof enough that Zerstörer would keep his end of the bargain and bring his pals back to life if he surrendered the stick and enabled Zerstörer to complete his staff.

Despite Trubel's valiant (and violent) attempts to stop Nick by grabbing the stick and racing away through the woods, Nick reclaimed the stick and headed back to Zerstörer, fully intending to trade it for the lives of those he loved. Unfortunately for Nick and his terrible plan, he ran into some unexpected and very familiar faces in the woods who changed his mind. Yes, Nick met up with the spirits of his mom and his Aunt Marie, who told him that what he needed to do for himself was not what needed to be done for the sake of the world. Their family is descended from the original Grimms, and it's been their job for hundreds of years to stop creatures like Zerstörer.

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So, with the shades of his mom and Aunt Marie at his side, Nick marched back to Zerstörer to make a stand for humanity. No stick for Zerstörer! Even Trubel recovered enough from Nick's beatdown to join the other three Grimms in the last stand against Zerstörer. Together, the four used all their abilities as Grimms to fight the evil with everything they had, which awesomely included Marie's knife-cane. Marie got in some slices, Trubel came in with an epic stab, Kelly chopped off Zerstörer's right arm, and Nick finally got the kill, using Zerstörer's own staff (and his stick) to stab him through the chest. Boom! Take that, Zerstörer!

Over its six seasons on NBC, Grimm introduced a sizable and varied cast of characters, but the show has always been about Nick, and it was only right that the series finale come full circle and give him and the other Grimms the ultimate win over the ultimate evil. It came down to family, and we saw the previous generation of Grimms returning from the great beyond to help Nick and Trubel. The final scene of Kelly and Diana carrying on the legacy was really the perfect way to cap off one hell of a finale.

Of course, for most of the episode, "The End" didn't feel so much like one hell of a finale as it felt like one truly hellish finale. For any who thought that the big Grimm deaths in the last couple of episodes were going to be limited to poor Hank and Wu, the quick death of Eve had to come as quite a shock, and the carnage didn't stop there. Zerstörer killed almost every single one of the good guys, including Trubel for a few moments before he brought her back to life to prove a point to Nick.

Trubel was actually my favorite part of "The End." She stuck true to her Grimm heritage and kept her eye on the prize, even as she watched friend after friend brutally murdered by a monster. Zerstörer's downfall actually came because he brought Trubel back to life. Yes, his mom and Aunt Marie helped motivate him to return to the side of good and fight Zerstörer rather than make a deal with him, but he never would have come across them in the woods if Trubel hadn't tried to run off with the stick, and all four Grimms were really needed to finish Zerstörer off. Trubel is definitely my series finale MVP.

I tend to be a fan of dark and twisted TV, but even I was pretty happy by the end to see Nick make it back to a dimension in which his loved ones - even poor Hank and Wu - were still alive. Sure, defeating Zerstörer would have technically made this last case a win for Nick. Still, would it have been a satisfying grand finale if he, a beaten up Trubel, young Diana, and baby Kelly were all who were left?

All things considered, Grimm wasn't a perfect show, and there were certain plots that I think are best forgotten, but it's been an exciting ride for fans over the past six years, and it had a fitting end. At least Grimmsters can console themselves with the fact that the series came to a pretty happy conclusion.

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