Looks Like Superman Is Heading Back To Supergirl In Season 4

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Supergirl may star Kara Danvers in her exploits as the Girl of Steel, but she's not the only heroic Kryptonian to don a cape to save the day on Earth-38. Tyler Hoechlin joined Supergirl as Superman back in the first couple of episodes of Season 2, and he quickly proved to be just the right man for the job. Although Superman was active during the third season, his heroics were limited to taking place off-screen. The good news is that it looks like Superman will be back in the flesh in the upcoming fourth season.

The third episode of Season 4 will be titled "Man of Steel," according to SpoilerTV. No further details seem to be available at this point, but surely Supergirl wouldn't name an episode after Superman without actually bringing in Superman, right? He's probably due for a chat with his cousin after her latest villain came so close to terraforming Earth that he had to go save Madagascar. I'm guessing the super-cousins will have plenty to talk about whenever he shows up next. Given that he hasn't appeared on screen since the end of Season 2, when he was affected by silver kryptonite to the point that he attacked Kara, it's time for him to return.

The Superman of Supergirl is decidedly sunnier than the Superman who appeared on the big screen in Justice League, so perhaps his appearance could be a bit of a palate-cleanser for viewers who want something a little more uplifting than the current state of the DC Extended Universe. Considering Supergirl is tackling a legendary Superman story in Season 4, perhaps Superman could fly in for some advice and Easter eggs for comic fans looking forward to Supergirl's version of the Red Son arc.

Of course, given the new villain who will be on the scene for Season 4, Superman may not be welcome by the public in National City if he turns up again. Agent Liberty, played by Sam Witwer, will be hard at work to try and turn people against alien heroes like Supergirl, and we can bet that Superman won't be an exception to his rule. The new trans superhero could be a very valuable ally in a season featuring Agent Liberty, especially if Agent Liberty comes up with a way to take down even powerful aliens like Supergirl and Superman.

Lena Luthor is still capable of making kryptonite, and it may not take too much for her to go full villain. Assuming she eventually finds out that her BFF Kara is actually Supergirl, Lena could feel very vulnerable and betrayed, and the Luthor family isn't known for dealing with vulnerability in especially healthy ways. Basically, there are a lot of ways Supergirl could incorporate Superman into Season 4. While many of them would force him to get darker than he did in his first couple of appearances, who are we to turn down an appearance from Superman?

If Superman does indeed return in the third episode of Season 4, at least we wouldn't have to wait too long once the season kicks off. Supergirl is switching to a new night for Season 4, and you can find the details on The CW's fall TV guide. For more important dates in the coming months, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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