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CNN Analyst Jason Miller Has Left The Network After Disturbing Allegations Surface

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Jason Miller, a campaign adviser during Donald Trump's successful run for the presidency, has voluntarily exited his position as an on-air analyst for CNN. The somewhat expected move comes as disturbing allegations have surfaced in connection with the child custody lawsuit Miller is currently embroiled in with another former Trump campaign staffer, A.J. Delgado.

On September 14, A.J. Delgado filed a lawsuit against Jason Miller, in which it was claimed that he had also previously carried on an extramarital affair with an unidentified dancer at Rachel's Gentleman's Club in Orlando. What's more, it's reported that the woman got pregnant during this time, and that after Miller found out, he slipped an abortion pill into her drink without her knowledge or consent. The woman allegedly had to be hospitalized for two days for heavy bleeding caused by the pill, and it's stated she nearly went into a coma.

Jason Miller took to Twitter to both announce his departure from CNN and to defend himself from A.J. Delgado's "false and defamatory" claims. In his words:

I have decided to step away from my role as a Political Commentator at CNN to focus on clearing my name and fighting the false and defamatory accusations being made against me. To be clear, none of this is in any way true. That doesn't matter however in the current court of public opinion, where fraudulent statements and a lack of factual support rule the day as long as it fits into a tweet.

That wasn't the only time he went public concerning A.J. Delgado's accusations, though. Before making his CNN announcement, Jason Miller unveiled a six-part tweet that raised questions about Delgado's validity, first calling her out for not using an attorney to file her suit. He then took shots at the "gossip blog" Splinter, the site that first reported the claims, and said their story on the matter was full of errors and unfounded assumptions.

Miller then posted a story about another affair that A.J. Delgado was involved in some years ago, after which a restraining order was filed against her, with the other male claiming that she had sent him and his friends hundreds of hate-spewing emails. (That restraining order expired in 2017.) Perhaps most interestingly, Miller also claimed that the Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge involved in their case allegedly "raised serious issues surrounding Ms. Delgado's emotional and mental health," and Miller then requested for all interested parties to contact him directly for more information.

The news came out last year that the married Jason Miller had an affair with A.J. Delgado on the 2016 campaign trail, and that she gave birth to a son, William, in the summer of 2017. Combined with other rumors about him having attended a strip club ahead of a presidential debate, the affair scandal played a big role in Miller choosing to back out of becoming Donald Trump's senior communications director, a role that he'd been publicly announced to fill. Only time will tell how this situation will get resolved in the coming weeks and/or months.

CNN obviously has many political analysts to listen to, though Jason Miller was one of the bigger Republican voices on the network. While waiting to see what happens next, head to our fall TV premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows heading to the small screen soon.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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