Big Brother Contestant Defends Himself, Says He's Not A Pervert

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Big Brother Season 20 has been one of the show's wildest seasons to date. Beyond the outside drama with host Julie Chen, there's been a whole heap of controversy surrounding quite a few inappropriate situations with houseguest J.C. Monduix often at the center of them. The scooper, bathroom, and kissing incidents led many fans to feel a certain way about Monduix, who is insisting that he's not a pervert. The third-place contestant has defended himself, starting first by explaining the incident in which he kissed a sleeping Tyler Crispen.

Well, this is the thing. We were really close in the house. I was having nightmares all the time. I would have the girls and guys talk with me and patting me. Tyler was sleeping and he was making sounds that he never does and I was like, 'Babe it's gonna be okay.' I was in the middle of my sleep. I pulled his bandana down so he could sleep and I gave him a kiss on his shoulder. I guess if it wasn't on his shoulder, honestly I don't even remember that much. You know we were super friends and super close. I can be a lot of things but I'm not a pervert. I can tell you that.

J.C. Monduix does not see anything wrong with his kiss on Tyler Crispen, and insisted his kiss had no perverted or illicit intentions. Monduix's explanation appears to sync up with CBS' own statement following the controversy, which stated that Tyler did not feel sexually harassed, threatened, or unsafe after the Big Brother incident. That, on top of Monduix's implication that it wasn't a big deal, makes it seem quite possible the edited version of the episode made things worse than they appeared.

J.C. Monduix moved on and addressed the incident with Haleigh Broucher, who also indicated to CBS she had no issues with what went down with her and J.C. That didn't seem to be the case when viewers spotted the incident occurring on the live feed, where Haleigh was seen shouting for producers to intervene when Monduix burst in on her in the bathroom and left the door propped open. The screen "went to fish" and when it came back sometime later, viewers were left to guess what went down. Monduix filled in the blanks and told EW that Broucher was fully clothed during the exchange:

And also, with the bathroom incident. I was walking to the bathroom and always when I'm getting close to the door I go 'knock-knock,' and people say no. But she didn't answer because, she was wearing all these black things. She was completely dressed and she didn't answer. So I opened and she screamed. So I'm like, 'Oh you wanna play this game"'? You see I noticed that the girl was wearing clothes and that's why I left it open. If I would have noticed at any point she was being a little bit naked or something or somebody was gonna put...I would never leave that door open. I told her, and she was completely dressed. She scared me and I just wanted to door-handle prank. That's pretty much it. I hope these things don't escalate cause right now. Just don't magnify drama, how I like to call it.

J.C. Monduix doesn't want the drama to escalate now that he's out of the house and back in the real world, and doesn't seem bothered enough by the drama that he'd abstain from watching his episodes. Monduix said he wanted to watch the season to see if it was evident how he was playing the game to viewers, perhaps to see if he could play that way again if invited back onto the show in the future.

Right now the chances of that happening are up in the air considering the amount of controversy Monduix stirred, although provided his and CBS' story matches up with others on the show and things weren't as bad as they seemed, he might just return sometime in the future. Would you guys want to see him back?

Big Brother Season 20 has crowned its winner, bringing an end to a wild season. Luckily, there's plenty of television to watch before another installment hits the airwaves, so be sure to dive into our fall premiere guide and see what else is up on television.

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