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Legendary television series Murphy Brown made its return to the airwaves for its first episode in over a decade, and it brought a special guest along for the ride. Viewers and even critics who had seen the episode in advance were stunned by the series premiere, which featured a previously unseen cameo by long-time politician Hillary Clinton. Clinton didn't appear as herself, but rather "Hilary Clendon," who had applied to be Murphy's new secretary:

The former Secretary of State delivered a few jabs but was not above self-mockery when it came to herself either. Those familiar with current politics undoubtedly know all the background of the jokes she delivered, some of which viewers may praise or judge depending on their political leanings. That said, most people tuning into Murphy Brown surely knew what they were getting into, although some have criticized the revival for going a bit too heavy on politics.

Murphy Brown's secret Hillary Clinton cameo was surprising, but also makes sense considering the show often featured actual cameos by political personalities and media professionals back in its original run. Additionally, it was smart to use the former Secretary of State cameo for the running gag of secretaries, in what provided Clinton a window of screentime to be a part of a sketch without having to act too much. Star Candice Bergen praised Clinton's scene to CBS News, and said the career politician played her limited role very well.

It's been speculated Murphy Brown's use of Hillary Clinton wasn't just a cameo made to shock its fanbase and new viewers, but one that would shock and anger one viewer in particular. President Donald Trump has often criticized television shows and Hillary Clinton in the past, so some have seen the cameo as a way of baiting the President into talking about the show so they can use his remarks in future episodes. It's a tactic the show utilized back in its original run when former Vice President Dan Quayle criticized the character in a speech in 1992. Murphy Brown lifted the speech and used it for a storyline, which is something the show could and would likely do in the future if the President were to make a criticism about the show. So far the President hasn't mentioned the series premiere or cameo on his social media.

Murphy Brown is on CBS Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET. It's just one of the many shows to make a recent television return, so be sure to head over to our fall premiere guide and see what all shows are making their television return. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV and movies news. We have some shows we're most excited about in the not-too-distant future.