This Is Us posed some interesting questions in its Season 3 opener, and like many other fans, we're determined to figure out the answers behind them before they're officially revealed. Luckily, there's been some chatter from the cast, crew, and also some fans with pretty interesting theories that help clear up the confused state the drama's first episode left many in. With that said, here's what we know so far about This Is Us' big Season 3 mysteries:

Rebecca's Man Before Jack

Although Jack and Rebecca Pearson's first date was not a smooth moment for the future husband and wife, even a less than ideal night didn't stop the two from locking lips before Rebecca hustled out of the car without an item that Jack would need to return the next day. Rebecca answered the door thar following day seemingly expecting Jack but was instead met by a man we've never seen before. The young mystery man seemed to know Rebecca well enough to bring flowers and steal a kiss of his own, as Jack watched from the car rethinking his decision to go to her doorstep. Mandy Moore is already aware what This Is Us fans are thinking about this new development, and reminding them to chill out before jumping to conclusions:

You don't know who he is yet! I mean you can be dubious. You can be curious, but hate is such a strong word.

Mandy Moore is right! This Is Us fans shouldn't assume this new man is Rebecca's betrothed she was sneaking out on the night before. This could be an ex-boyfriend hoping to reconcile, or even an overly familiar cousin! That said, Milo Ventimiglia was a bit less cryptic in his statements following the episode, and indicated in a Q&A following the episode (via TVGuide) things might be exactly like viewers thought they were:

I love the fact that you know Jack and Rebecca, you're rooting for Jack and Rebecca, but Jack and Rebecca took a while to get there. They were very different people in their younger years than how we've known them as a unit... I think it's fun to see that it wasn't easy. It wasn't always sunshine and rainbows.

Milo Ventimiglia seemed to hint it's going to take a whlie before Jack and Rebecca's fated romance comes together, but that shouldn't be too big of a problem. After all, This Is Us fans already know they eventually get together right? If anything, this guy should be labeled a hero for attempting to save Jack from his completely preventable death! Taking that into consideration, he might not be that bad of a guy after all.

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