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Grey's Anatomy fans have been preparing for the "Season of Love," and the medical drama is not planning to slouch on that promise. Meredith Grey is looking for a long-term romantic partner after losing the love of her life aka her husband, Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, in Season 11. After enduring so much tragedy, how will her finding happiness manifest itself for Meredith in Season 15? Well, Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff has responded to that inquiry by saying:

There's a playfulness that's coming out. She's putting herself out there and saying, 'Yes, I've been through all the pain and all the grief and now, I got something else. I love my life, I love my kids and I love my job, but I want a little more. I want someone to share it with.' And it just makes her vulnerable and it makes her playful and willing to look. What we're doing that's different than what we've seen is, she's gotta go on dates. Like in real life, love doesn't always land in your lap with the first date. And so, we're leaning into that a little bit.

Krista Vernoff opened up about Meredith's upcoming love life with TV Guide, and what she has planned is nothing shy of compelling. Based on what she is saying, it sounds as though Meredith's search for a long-term romance will not yield immediate results. A twist that will see Meredith taking in the dating scene for a while. Vernoff's assurance that Dr. Grey's road to romance would take a while is a realistic one. Another intriguing tidbit Vernoff shared involves Meredith and Chris Carmack's new surgeon Dr. Lincoln.

Grey's Anatomy's showrunner revealed that since Meredith has opened herself up to the potential of love, she will start to see more options. Vernoff mused that she is not sure if Lincoln is "Meredith's type." She turned him down in the Season 15 premiere. Vernoff also shared that Meredith does not know who she is romantically, as an adult following her life with Derek. So, fans will have to tune in to see whether Lincoln eventually turns out to be the one.

Given that Meredith turned Lincoln down so intensely, it could indicate that she has to do so because deep down she may be scared of what she senses about their romantic potential. There could be a spark there, she is not quite ready to fully explore. She may want to wade into the dating pool before launching into something that is serious. Nevertheless, it sounds as though DeLuca's kiss has put Meredith's romantic desires into full effect.

One of the issues facing Meredith's potential love interests is that they are not Derek-- a lesson Dr. Thorpe previously learned. As fans know, McDreamy is a tough, if not impossible, act to follow. The fandom will have to take a leap for Meredith to find another love, and share her life with moving forward. In the meantime, Meredith will be dating and possibly trying to sort out if Lincoln is her actual endgame.

Watch as Meredith takes her next brave steps towards finding love again and find out who with when the season continues. New episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season 15 air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The medical drama is among many other shows, making their returns and premieres this fall, including on ABC's schedule.

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