Jenna Dewan Is Leaving World Of Dance As Host For Season 3

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After first hitting the limelight with 2006's Step Up, Jenna Dewan embraced dancing again in a big way for her gig as host of Jennifer Lopez's competition series World of Dance. The show has been a huge success for NBC, especially in the time slot following America's Got Talent, but Dewan won't be around for all the near-future celebrations, as she announced she's leaving her World of Dance hosting duties ahead of Season 3. But the silver lining is that she does plan to return to the future, and possibly in a different role. Here's how she put it:

Hi to my World of Dance lovers! I have some news to share: I will not be returning to the show as host for season 3. But! I won't be able to stay away for long, and plan to return to mentor contestants as much as possible ?? It has been an absolute thrill to be a part of this incredible, groundbreaking show from the very beginning, and I am forever grateful to my @nbc family, @jlo, @derekhough @neyo and everyone involved in this journey.

That will certainly be a blow to fans of World of Dance, which ended Season 3 just a few weeks ago with The Lab coming out on top. Jenna Dewan is a big draw within the celeb foursome at the heart of the show, alongside Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derrick Hough. To be expected, many of those fans expressed their sadness and kindness in the comments of her Instagram post. But she did at least give everyone a promising note for the future.

Assuming NBC won't be cancelling World of Dance before Season 3 arrives -- which almost definitely won't happen -- Jenna Dewan could very well be returning to the show next summer. Just in a mentoring capacity, rather than as the host. It won't be clear for a while whether that indicates a one-off gig or something more recurring, but one generally hopes for as much Dewan as possible. And that she'll return to the hosting position when possible.

While Jenna Dewan didn't specify any reasons for taking a hiatus from World of Dance, it's very likely scheduling issues that caused concern, as the actress' career is currently booming. (Jennifer Lopez's work on World of Dance reportedly played a part in NBC's crime drama Shades of Blue bowing out.) Most prominently, Dewan is set to star in the upcoming Netflix drama Mixtape, in which romance and music will co-mingle. She's also got a recurring role in Fox's The Resident for its second season, she'll co-star with Sarah Hyland in Robert Luketic's rom-com The Wedding Year, and she will feature in one segment for the anthologized film Berlin, I Love You.

You can check out Jenna Dewan's post below.

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World of Dance has already been renewed for Season 3, but it won't be back on NBC until the midpoint of 2019, so stay tuned for more details. For now, our fall TV premiere schedule will clue you in on everything else the small screen has to offer.

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