Netflix Is Apparently Saving Failed TV Pilots Now, Too

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Netflix has become known as a savior for shows that have been cancelled by other networks or platforms, with projects ranging from Longmire to Arrested Development to now Lucifer scoring a second life on the streaming service. It's been the target of fan campaigns to rescue shows like The Expanse and Timeless, although not all of those campaigns have been successful. Now, the streaming giant is apparently saving failed TV pilots as well as cancelled TV shows. Here's what we know about Netflix's latest move.

The new drama Mixtape has been ordered for Netflix. A Mixtape pilot was originally produced by 20th Century Fox TV for consideration for a primetime slot on Fox. The network passed on Mixtape back in May, but Deadline reports that it was a favorite among folks within 20th Century Fox, and it was slated to be shopped around the streaming services. Netflix picked up the pilot, and that's not all.

Netflix generally forgoes the traditional process of ordering a pilot for a series and then evaluating its potential based on that pilot. The streaming service hands out season orders to new series, and Mixtape is no exception. The pilot is now officially an in-the-works show with an order of ten episodes for the first season.

As you may have guessed based on the title, Mixtape will have close ties to the world of music. The new show will be a romantic musical drama that doesn't just focus on one couple. No, Mixtape will chronicle multiple love stories between a disparate and diverse group of people who seem like they should be entirely independent of one another. Instead, they're connected through music that drives them in their minds and hearts. The setting will be contemporary Los Angeles.

Mixtape sounds a bit like a musical TV version of Love Actually, but it's too soon to guess how exactly it will work. What we do know is the identity of the majority of the major cast members. Jenna Dewan -- currently host of World of Dance on NBC -- nabbed a role, and she'll be joined by Callie Hernandez, Jahmil French, Campbell Scott, Madeleine Stowe, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Megan Ferguson, and Evan Whitten.

Raul Castillo was initially slated to play the male lead, named Sam, but the role will be recast for the Netflix series. The actors still on board had their contracts renewed over the weekend, shortly before their options would expire and cut them loose from Mixtape. Although Netflix's save was very last-minute, it happened, and Mixtape is coming to streaming. That said, no details are available about when subscribers can expect to see it. Interestingly, this is the third (and arguably highest-profile) pilot that Netflix has saved, with the first being axed CW drama Insatiable and cancelled ABC pilot All About the Washingtons back in 2017. The Mixtape save could be a sign that Netflix will continue nabbing pilots.

We'll have to wait and see. Swing by our 2018 Netflix premiere rundown for some current and upcoming streaming options as well as our summer TV premiere guide for more choices.

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