DC Universe Streaming Service Revealed New Details About Titans And More

DC Comics' upcoming direct-to-consumer streaming service is on the way to deliver a whole lot in the way of DC TV, comics, and movies to fans who just can't get enough of the superheroes and villains of the DC world. The service has been in the works for a while, and we've known a fair amount about some of the original series that will be featured, but there was some key info missing. In fact, we only just learned when DC Universe will launch! Now, DC has revealed a whole lot of exciting details about what's to come, and we've picked some of the most exciting. Let's start with some brand new images of Titans:

dc universe titans robins

(Image credit: Image courtesy of DC)


The Titan that has gotten the most exposure so far has been none other than Dick Grayson, a.k.a. the first Robin. Dick is the guy who got to drop the big F-bomb in the first Titans trailer, and we already know that he'll be the leader of the new group. This new image gives a reasonably brightly-lit look that shows off what he'll look like in action, and the bad guys on the floor behind him obviously didn't fare well against him in action.

dc universe titans starfire

(Image credit: Image courtesy of DC)


Not a whole lot about Starfire had been released prior to this image hitting the web, and the trailer featured more of Robin and Raven than either of the other main Titans. The Titans Starfire will clearly look quite different from her comics counterpart, but the incredible hair and powers evidently will at least be quite similar. Raise your hand if you're now way more excited about Starfire!

dc universe titans raven

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Now, raise your hand if you're totally freaked out by this image of Raven! Her eyes and setting in what appears to be a derelict room filled with crucifixes add enough of an eerie level. Somehow, the fact that the young girl is clutching a doll makes the entire tableau all the more unsettling.

dc universe titans beast boy

(Image credit: Image courtesy of DC)

Beast Boy

The Titans version of Beast Boy more or less looks like he could have bounded off the pages of comic books! Obviously this still image doesn't give away how he'll look in action and using his powers. Nevertheless, there are definitely reasons to be optimistic about what he'll bring to the team, and we can bet that they'll need all the unique abilities they can get. It's not like they'll probably be calling on Batman for his connections very often!

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dc universe titans

When Titans Will Premiere

Unfortunately, Titans will not be available right when DC Universe goes live on September 15. The first episode will hit the web on Friday, October 12. Unlike how Netflix releases its superhero series, DC Universe will not release full seasons at once. New episodes of Titans will be available on a weekly basis, premiering each Friday after the October 12 premiere. Season 1 will be comprised of 12 episodes.

arrow malcolm merlyn

John Barrowman Is Back With DC

John Barrowman was part of The CW's Arrow-verse from the very first season of Arrow in 2012, and many fans were devastated when his character seemingly died a definitive death in Arrow's Season 5 finale. Well, Malcolm Merlyn may be gone from the Arrow-verse, but Barrowman is coming back to DC as a co-host of DC Universe's new daily show, called DC Daily. Barrowman -- who was rocking a new silver fox look in the DC Universe Live Stream -- will be joined by Samm Levine, Kevin Smith's daughter Harley Quinn Smith, Harley Quinn author Sam Humphries, and more. Tiffany Smith will be the DC Daily news anchor.

Now, how about some Young Justice and more?

Oracle Is On Young Justice: Outsiders

The return of Young Justice with a long-awaited third season is one of the elements that has many fans the most excited about DC Universe, and the first trailer revealed that there's a lot to look forward to and things won't be exactly as they were when Season 2 ended. One conspicuously absent character was Batgirl, who was poised to potentially take a leadership role at the end of Season 2. A new clip of Young Justice: Outsiders revealed why Barbara Gordon wasn't around as Batgirl: she's on board as Oracle and was chatting with Nightwing.

young justice season 2

Young Justice Launch Details

Unfortunately for any who have been waiting with bated breath for new episodes of Young Justice, the show is officially slated for release in 2019. The good news is that the first two seasons of Young Justice will be available on DC Universe's launch day, so you can rewatch Young Justice to your heart's delight or perhaps discover what all the rage is about with a first watch of Young Justice Seasons 1 and 2.

dc universe star girl

Stargirl Has A Logo

One of the original series currently most shrouded in mystery is Stargirl. The leading lady won't be the same one who played Stargirl on Legends of Tomorrow, and her project will be written and executive produced by former DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns himself. While what we know so far about Stargirl is limited at this point, the logo promises that development is ongoing.

batman the animated series

Batman And Wonder Woman As You've Never Seen Them

Well, Batman of Batman: The Animated Series and Wonder Woman as played by Lynda Carter in the 1970s Wonder Woman show as you've never seen them, anyway. The two beloved series have been remastered and updated to HD for the move to DC Universe. Viewers who have never seen either show or feel the need for a rewatch will see these superheroes looking crisper and cleaner than when they first debuted in these projects.

DC Universe will roll out new TV shows and movies monthly in addition to all the new comics that will be added to the service's library. You can gain access to DC Universe for a cost of $74.99 annually or $7.99 monthly. The annual cost saves 20% on the monthly cost, but you may want to go monthly at first just to give the service a try. The service goes live on Saturday, September 15, a.k.a. Batman Day. For the latest and greatest in superhero news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend, and don't forget to check out our fall TV premiere guide.

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