Arrow's Stephen Amell Approves Of Cheryl's Archery Skills On Riverdale

Stephen Amell used to be The CW's sole primetime archer, but he's got some competition as of late. Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom got her bow back out in the Season 3 premiere and successfully held the Ghoulies at bay so Jughead could save Hot Dog. The scene got a lot of love from fans, and Amell was kind enough to give his stamp of approval to the character's archery skills:

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Stephen Amell was impressed with Madelaine Petsch's form, which basically means Oliver Queen is a fan of Cheryl Blossom's skills with a bow and arrow. He should be; Cheryl's bow has served her well so far in Riverdale and has done as much to protect her as it has her friends. Season 2 saw Cheryl successfully loose an arrow into the Black Hood, in an encounter that would've almost certainly ended in her death had she not been prepared.

Riverdale continuing to work Cheryl's archery into the show, combined with Stephen Amell's recent admiration has us wondering, can the series crossover with Arrow? The superhero program could certainly use a stand-in for the Green Arrow while Oliver is away in prison, so perhaps Cheryl is the hero to hire for Star City's needs. Also, actual superheroes showing up in Riverdale would be far from the weirdest thing this show has had happen to date, and might even justify how such a small town can have so many bizarre problems.

An Arrow-verse and Riverdale crossover has potentially been teased the past, although Arrow wasn't the series viewers expected to see a crossover with. Instead, fans went bananas when showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared a picture of the show's teens sitting at Pop's Chock'lit Shop with Supergirl's Kara. Unfortunately, whatever happened that day never ended up on Riverdale, although fans began to wonder if it meant the show's universes existed on the same Earth. If so, perhaps Archie and the gang could make an appearance in a hypothetical "Crisis On Infinite Earths" crossover?

If a team up with Oliver Queen isn't in the cards, Cheryl should be able to protect her friends in the meantime with her bow and arrow skills. We're guessing Riverdale's Season 3 premiere won't be the only time she's forced to use her talent, because enemies are seemingly on every corner this season. Whether it will be enough remains to be seen, though, as one would think Penny Peabody and the Ghoulies will be ready for Cheryl's bow the next time they try to feud with the Serpents.

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