A Supergirl Crossover With Riverdale Is Apparently A Thing That Could Happen

We all knew The CW was crossover crazy, but who could've predicted this? Apparently, crossovers aren't just for the Arrow-verse as a recent tweet shows a crossover between Supergirl and Riverdale is apparently a thing that can happen. Check out this picture and continue reading below:

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For fans who might be a fan of one show and not the other, that's a picture of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge enjoying a milkshake at Pop's Diner with Supergirl. This tweet comes from Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa whose words seem to be implying that a crossover is in the works or is currently being filmed. Unfortunately, 140 characters aren't enough to explain the how, what, or why behind this moment, although Aguirre-Sacasa may have teased this going down a month back, which appears to be some evidence this picture is not a prank or something of that nature.

If this is a legitimate scene being filmed and not some promo for a commercial or one of those dream sequences Riverdale has become known for, this could mean some big things. For starters, it potentially means that the city of Riverdale is located on Earth-38, which is the same Earth Kara is living on. Clearly, the city must be far away from National City or maybe the teens of Riverdale were just so caught up in the murder mystery of Jason Blossom and talent shows they completely spaced on the fact that crazy stuff is happening there all the time that's super important. That's pretty bad, but in their defense, the Riverdale kids have already had a way crazier high school experience than most people, so they can't really be blamed for being a tad more self-absorbed than the average teenagers.

Some Riverdale fans are already speaking out on Twitter sharing their distaste with the picture and saying that a Supergirl crossover would make little sense. While most would tend to agree that there's nothing Archie Andrews could bring to the table in a superhero throw down (unless he transforms into his spinoff hero Captain Pureheart), weird stuff happening in Riverdale is nothing new in the scope of Archie Comics. In fact, Archie has teamed up with The Punisher before, and if a team of writers can mold an odd pairing like that together and get audiences to buy it, putting Kara in for an episode should be a cakewalk in comparison.

Fans will have to wait for answers behind this mystery picture as both Riverdale and Supergirl are set to return this October. Specifically, Supergirl will return October 9th at 8 p.m. ET and Riverdale will launch into Season 2 October 11th at 8 p.m. ET. For more shows new or returning worth keeping tabs on in the coming months, be sure to bookmark our fall premiere guide.

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