Jersey Shore's Vinny Took Shots At Sons Of Anarchy And Other Big TV Shows

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Vinny Guadagnino isn't typically known to be one to get under people's skin on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but the cast member certainly may be doing that off the program. What started out as Vinny asking his followers for suggestions for TV shows to binge soon turned into Vinny bashing some of television's greatest modern offerings. Vinny is taking shots at shows with big fanbases like Sons of Anarchy, and delivering hot takes that fans may not like to hear:

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans who also liked Sons of Anarchy expressed their disappointment in Vinny's opinion. Of course, even the harshest of critics will have a few who agree with him, so Vinny had a few people who supported his opinion. By and large, a vast majority of fans ignored his mini-review of the biker drama and replied with other show suggestions, perhaps hoping to be the next reply he'd respond to.

Vinny Guadagnino's harsh criticism didn't stop with Sons of Anarchy, and he went on to trash several other series that many would consider classic or binge-worthy. Vinny said HBO's Sharp Objects was "boring," and that American Horror Story was a "terrible show" where most of its fans only liked one season. Vinny even took shots at The Walking Dead when it was suggested to him, and said he was a fan until Season 6, before "it decided to suck." Speaking of "suck" he also didn't have great things to say about True Blood's later seasons:

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Some of Vinny's opinions on these major television shows aren't even that unpopular, as many may say the same thing about some of the shows he mentioned. That said, as a celebrity with over three million followers, Vinny may want to be careful blasting popular shows with rabid fans or actors who can clap back. After all, Jersey Shore Family Vacation may be popular, but a vast majority of people wouldn't list it as being in the same caliber of show as some of the ones he's trashing.

Even relatively new programs didn't escape the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast member, as his fanbase tried to tempt him into watching Netflix's much-buzzed about horror series The Haunting At Hill House. Vinny informed his audience that he was watching the Netflix original as he tweeted, but it wasn't hooking him. One tweet dismissing the show wasn't enough, apparently, as Vinny dug in even deeper with a criticism that may wound a few fans:

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So, what shows does Vinny Guadagnino like? It may seem like the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast member hates just about everything, although he did mention a few series he does enjoy amidst his rotten reviews. Vinny noted that he was a fan of Comedy Central's Nathan For You, and prior to asking for suggestions revealed he watches many popular programs such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Better Call Saul. Hopefully, those series and the others he listed stick around for a while because it sounds like finding a show Vinny enjoys is pretty difficult!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is still rolling on with Season 2 on MTV, Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what other shows are airing this fall, be sure to visit and bookmark our wonderful fall premiere guide.

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